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Grade 12 Senior

Welcome Class of 2023

Class Spirit Assembly Color is Black

Senior Timeline

  • Now until Graduation: Required Naviance Steps Due
  • Feb 1 Seattle Promise workshop in the Counseling Center all day Feb 1.  Please stop by the Counseling Center to get help completing your Seattle College Application, your Seattle Promise Scholarship application, or your FAFSA/WASFA.  You can reach out to our Seattle Promise Outreach Specialist, Nancy Le at with questions.  The deadline to apply is Feb 17.
  • Feb 2 – 8: Semester 1 Finals | View Special Bell Schedule
  • Feb 10: Winter Ball. Tickets available until Feb 8
  • Feb 17, 2023: FAFSA, WASFA, Seattle Promise Application Due
    • Seattle Promise Application & Seattle Colleges Application deadline Feb. 17
  • April 3 – 28: LAST Yearbook Sales Windows (excludes Spring Break 4/10-14)
  • May 1-12: Pre-Registered AP Exams
  • May 1: PE Waivers if needed due
  • May 26: Service Learning Forms Due
  • June 3: Prom at the Columbia Tower
  • June: Spirit Week
  • June: Athletics Awards Night, Senior Academic Awards
  • June 21: Senior Finals
  • June 22: Senior Finals
  • June 23: Senior Check Out Due, Last Day for Seniors
  • June 23, 2023: Rehearsal TBD, Graduation at 8 p.m. at Memorial Stadium
  • June 23: SPREE after Graduation

Graduation Cap & Gown Orders with National Achiever (Herff Jones)

Red Graduation Cap and Gown
  • Purchase/Place Orders Graduation Cap & Gown and other items, announcements as soon as possible to secure that items are in stock and will be delivered to Ballard HS in time for graduation.
  • Cap and Gown sets are available from Counseling for loan for students in need. Stole and tassel not available for loan please see your Counselor if needed.
  • Info flyers were given to students and are available in the BHS Main Office.

Read the Counseling News

Please refer to the Counseling Center Running News for helpful information for Seniors.

Counseling News

Refer to the College Prep Events

Please refer to the College Visits and College Prep for upcoming events.

College Prep Events

Helpful Resources for the Class of 2023

Senior Year
Career and College Planning Checklist


  • Review your course schedule–take the most challenging and appropriate classes for your abilities.
  • Stay involved in extracurricular activities—balance fun with academics.
  • Plan and register for any final ACT or SAT tests, if needed.
  • Finalize college list with names of schools and begin completing applications.
  • Still researching post high school options, use the following websites to help in your career and college search: 
  • Attend presentations by college representatives with virtual visits.
  • Watch for virtual College Fairs and Events.
  • Letters of Recommendation.
  • Make a calendar and organize important activities and tasks for the semester and year.


  • Keep your grades up–use any resources available to help you get the most out of your classes.
  • Start working on FAFSA and CSS Profile, if planning to attend college after high school.
  • Continue completing applications.


  • Watch for AP Exam registration if interested.
  • Continue completing applications.
  • Review your calendar and activities/tasks list and adjust as needed.


  • Continuing completing applications.
  • Check grades and seek help for academic areas you may be struggling with now.  


  • Keep focused with classes, finish out 1st semester strong
  • Scholarship research and application completion continues.


  • New semester—review what went well and what did not from 1st semester—adjust as needed.
  • Still researching post high school options, use all resources to help move toward your goal.
  • Scholarship research and application completion continues


  • Scholarship research and application completion continues


  • Check grades and keep working hard.
  • Finalize college acceptance process.
  • Scholarship research and application completion continues


  • Still researching post high school options, use all resources to help move toward your goal.
  • Prepare to take your AP Exams.
  • Scholarship research and application completion continues.
  • Start researching summer opportunities including internships, jobs, volunteer work, summer programs, etc.


Finish out your classes and high school career on a positive note.


Student & Family Messaging

It’s common for graduating seniors to lose momentum during summer break. The last years have been particularly challenging, but don’t let that derail your hopes and dreams for the future. Take time this summer to reflect on what you want life to look like down the road.

Once graduation is behind you (Congratulations!), set yourself up for success in life after high school:

  • Have a plan for college or career training. It’s not too late!
  • Check out the Graduate Handbook, which provides next steps for recent high school graduates. The handbook includes a to-do list, info about college course types, financial aid tips, and more.
  • Don’t forget to prepare a budget, and make sure you know how to access health care.
  • Need help? Have questions? Identify supportive people and places in your community or on your future college campus.

Parents and families can help! Ask the adults in your life to review the Family Guide: Supporting Your Child After High School, which helps family members support graduates as they prepare for and complete their first year in college. The family guide is available in eight languages.

Life is changing, but you are ready—you can do this! Stay on track and plan your future on the Washington Student Achievement Council website.

Applying to College

Refer to this page for answers to commonly asked questions about applying to college – both 4 year and 2 year as well as upcoming events and opportunities. Explore the sections on the Applying to College page for helpful information for Ballard Seniors and their families. Check back regularly, as new content is being added.

Post High School Options

Refer to this page for answers to commonly asked questions about post high school options and resources. Explore the sections on the Post High School Options page for helpful information for Ballard Seniors and their families. Check back regularly, as new content is being added.

Stay Informed!

Reading the PTSA Weekly Newsletter is one of the best ways to stay informed of upcoming events and deadlines. If you are not getting the PTSA Weekly Newsletter you can sign up on the Sign Up Form

Senior parents follow the FB PTSA Parents Class of 2023 for updates and the Student Instagram @ballardhsclassof2023 for student updates.

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Senior News

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Seniors of the Month January

Seniors of the Month!

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Graduation Ceremony Class of 2023

Class of 2023 Graduation Ceremony Update. June, 23, 2023.

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BHS Counseling Team

Counselor Welcome Back Letter and new Counseling Team & Student Last Name Breakdown.

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