Senior Checkout Form

Senior Checkout

Checkout Form and
Scheduled Time Slot by Last Name

Congratulations, you are almost there! You must complete this entire form with all required signatures to be eligible for commencement activities. All textbooks and fines must be cleared before you will be allowed to participate in graduation. Your Counselor will be the last signature you get on TBD

Please get the following signatures

  1. Laptop and Charger Clearance
  2. Library and ALL Textbook Clearance: BHS Library
  3. Debt/Fine Clearance: See Jana Pitman, Fiscal Office in the Activity Center (AC) or Carol Bristol, Counseling Center

Clean out your locker, leave lock with the door open. Report any damage or lost lock to Young Wong, Custodian.

Seniors are expected to attend all classes, complete finals, return laptops, chargers, textbooks, clear fines, and get signatures from their teachers each class period.

Please do not ask teachers to sign before TBD the first day of Finals.

**Teachers Do not clear students until they have returned your books and materials to you.