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Ballard HS ASB Clubs

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ASB Clubs are a great way to get involved.
Upcoming Club Events

Ballard HS has over 75+ clubs available with events! If you can’t find a Club that fits your interests, start your own!

Check out ASB Club Student, Families & Community Events!

Want to start a ASB Club?

Clubs must fill out a form to be a Club at Ballard HS. Complete the Online BHS Clubs Information Form for your club to be considered for this school year!

Questions? Ms. Lehni, Activity Coordinator at or Student Clubs Coordinator; Carina Mazzola at

ASB Clubs Fundraising

  1. Complete an ASB Activity Approval and Reconciliation Form. This is the form needs to be completed and submitted to ASB in order to start any type of fundraising. You only need to fill out box A, then submit the form to Ms. Lehni’s room at least 3 WEEKS in advance – ASB will then approve or deny it. Also, keep in mind that if you choose to fundraise by selling food, there is strict guidelines you have to follow which can be found on the back of the form.
  2. A Request to Spend Form is a second form which you also need to use in order to spend any of your club’s money from fundraising. You just have to write down everything you want and the costs, then submit it to Ms. Lehni’s room 3 WEEKS in advance!
  3. A Reimbursement Form is the third form which you can use if you end up spending your own money on your club and want to get the money back from your fundraised funds. If you are under 18, the funds will have to be paid back to either your parent or guardian. Also, be sure to specify when being reimbursed that you want the money to come from your club’s account and not ASB funding, because if you don’t specify, we will assume it’s from us and most likely not approve it. 

All forms are available in the office or from Ms. Lehni.

Current Club List 23-24

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3D Printing Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Chambers;
Students: Natalie Marron;
and Luca Denhez;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch | Library

In this Club, you can literally make anything you can imagine! You can take it home, admire it on a shelf, or work with each other to create something complex. Choose from a ton of colors, find a cool thing online or make your own, and learn how to use these printers! You can find us at the front of the library.

Art Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Harkleroad;
Student: Lucia Kelly;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch | Art Classroom

A place where people can come together and do art.

American Sign Language (ASL) Club

Teacher Advisor: Madame Sturgeon;
Student: Ella Heverley
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | 207

To teach ASL to people interested.

Architecture and Design Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Foster;
Students: Drake Palazza;
and Jack Clemens;
Meetings: Tuesday
Time & Location: Lunch | NW205

We want to look deeper into different types of architecture and design and learn about cool things.

Asian Student Union (ASU)

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Ager;
Students: Justene Li;
and Mirabel Petersen;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: Lunch | S203

We want to create a community and welcoming environment for Asian students at Ballard, as well as a space for anyone who wants to learn about Asian culture and traditions!

Astronomy Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Banholzer;
Student: Amara Fontes
Meetings: Friday 
Time & Location: Lunch | NW221

To learn about Astronomy, technology, and current events in the space community.

Ballard Cinema Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Feise;
Students: Leela Estocapio and Alice Markman-Adkisson
Meetings: Monday & Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | S107

Recreate the Movie Theater.

Ballard College Essay Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Riley;
Student: Mira Slotskin;
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | Mr. Riley Room

To help seniors with their college essays and other college questions.

Ballard Outdoor Adventure Team (B.O.A.T)

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Gundle;
Students: Bridget Donelly, Kaiya VanDenBert, Lily Huber
and Lily Beckerman;
Meetings: Tuesday
Time & Location: Lunch | Mr Gundle Room | NW218

Ballard Outdoor Adventure Team is all about exploring the great outdoors through fun activities with friends!

Ballard Psychiatric Literacy Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Katrel;
Student: Ru Trice-Loggers;
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch (11:55 a.m.) | SW102

Our goal is to improve the psychiatric/mental health literacy rates within the school, so that students can gain the ability to recognize disorders, find information about mental health, learn how to support people who are struggling, and expand their knowledge of psychiatry.

Ballard Volleyball Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Pentecost;
and Mr. Omar;
Students: Luke Lysene;
and Violet Martel;
and Vivian Gregory;
and Ruth Tinker
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch | Aux Gym

A place for friends or whoever wants to be there to have fun and play volleyball.

BHS Bicycle Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Bradford;
Student: Lucas Salm-Rojo;
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | Film Classroom

We will talk about bikes and public transportation policies.

BHS Car Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Bradford;
President: Ellis Terrell;
Vice Presidents: Remy Hamon and Kian Graham
Meetings: Thursday or Friday
Time & Location: Afternoon | Outside of school, often times Golden Gardens or Discovery Park.

The BHS Car Club meets once a week in a variety of locations, such as Golden Gardens or Discovery Park, and parking garages if it’s raining, we all bring our cars, hangout and talk about car stuff. The Car Club has been meeting unofficially every week for the past year, but we’ve finally found a teacher to sponsor us and are hoping to gain more members.

BHS Girls Lax

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Ensign;
Students: Bridget Donnelly;
and Ellie M., Mia M., Maddie S., Mirabel P.
Meetings: Spring Sports Season
Time & Location: Lunch | Field

Girls Lacrosse! Teamwork! Athletics! Bonding! Winning! Life skills!

BHS Paddle Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Foster;
Student: Evan Bursell;
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | NW205

We want to open up stand up paddle boarding to students who are interested in learning about it.

BHS Street Photography Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Bradford;
President: Lucas Salm-Rojo;
Vice Presidents: Roan Tierney, Lake Neill,
and Luella Mcnichols, Meilee Riddle
Meetings: Friday
Time & Location: Lunch | Filmmaking Classroom

We will talk about and do street photography and also do some dives into analog photo developing and stuff.

Bible Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Sturgeon;
Student: Eden Hawkins;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: Lunch | S207

Learn more about stories from the Bible and how it might apply to our lives today.

Black Student Union (BSU)

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Prince;
Student: Semai Hagos;
and Lidet Becker;
and Sincere Norris;
and Vaneece Rushing;
and Kemka Amaonwu;
and Naomi Sefera;
and Abdi Ibrahim;
Meetings: 2nd & 4th Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | S217

Continuing to teach on the black experience and increasing representation.

Brawl Stars Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Brott;
Students: Linus Nielsen-Mathews;
and David Jamerson;
Meetings: Tuesday & Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | S115

To have fun and talk about brawl stars, as well as play brawl stars.

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Card Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Holmgren
Students: Max Rodak;
and Anastasia Nikolic;
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | S116

We play card games and its to invite new people and teach people to play cards.

Chess Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Franz-Knight;
Student: Brady Miailovich;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch | History Pod in Ms. Franz-Knight Room

A safe space to play chess and organize tournaments to play against each other.

Comic Book Club

Teacher Advisors: Mr. Lee;
and Ms. Chambers;
Student: Ryan Sander;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch (12 – 12:55 p.m.) | S108

Comic Book Club is open to any comic enthusiasts! We also watch TV shows and movies and do a lot of (but not limited to) DC, Marvel and Star Wars themed stuff.

Crafts Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Larson;
and Teacher Advisor: Ms. Franz-Knight;
Students: Charlotte Wenrick;
and Claire Spinosa;
and Lena Cogan;
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | S102

Get together for people who want a creative outlet but don’t want the commitment to doing “fine arts”. Also crafts are fun and can bring positivity to people’s lives.

Creative Projects

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Martin;
Students: Silas Horn;
Xavier Garibaldi;
Meetings: Monday & Friday
Time & Location: Lunch | P106

To imbue students with skills in communicating and problem solving and to let their creativity shine by doing fun projects as a group.

Crochet and Knitting Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Povey;
Students: Lydia Blair;
and Lucille Harris;
and Isabel Baraff;
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | NW213

Hang out and crochet/knit with fellow crafters!


Teacher Advisor: Ms. Jereczek;
and Mr. Blazevic;
Student: Madison Eseman;
Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday Tentatively
Time & Location: Lunch | N101

DECA is a business club and prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.

DND and Board Games

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Gross;
Students: Nathalie Stanley;
and Dylan Jackson;
Meetings: Tuesdays (Mr. Holmgren’s Room)
and Thursday (other than the first of the month) in Mr. Gross’s Room
Time & Location: After School | S116 & S105

This is to allow students to bond through games they love whether rpg’s or simple chucks and latters.

Drain Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Chambers;
Students: Julian Swift;
and Charles Merrill;
Meetings: Tuesday
Time & Location: Lunch | Book Club Room in the Library

The purpose of this club is to listen to and discuss music released by Drain Gang with other fans of their work.

Earth Service Corps – YMCA

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Gundle;
Students: Sydney Marion;
and Madeleine Koenig;
and Samuel Tinker;
and Spencer Nuss;
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch (11:50 a.m.) | NW217

Our clubs purpose is to create a community to make the Ballard school and neighborhood greener and more sustainable. We want Ballard students to feel like they can make a difference and take action with our club.

Eating Disorder Awareness Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Katrel;
Students: Stella Ruebel;
and Ella Rogers;
and Marley Helfer;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: Lunch | SW102

Our goal is to foster a healthy and safe environment where people can learn about eating disorders as well as creating a positive environment where people are able to have open discussions about eating disorders.

Economics Club

Teacher Advisor: Mx. Fox;
Students: Hadley Brewster;
and Lena Krusinski;
and Sarah Hancock;
Meetings: Tuesday
Time & Location: Lunch | SW207

We hope to expand our knowledge and experience around the subject of economics. During our meetings we will do things such as listen to podcasts, have discussions, read books, and learn ways to better our economy.

Elliott Smith Club

Teacher Advisor: Steven Bradford;
Students: Abbey Moore;
and Miriam Goodman;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: After School 3:50 p.m. | Back room in Library

To gather a community of Ballard students who listen to Elliott smith to listen, analyze, and discuss his music.

Entrepreneurial Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Jereczek;
Students: TJ Gundram
and Dylan Wallblom
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: Lunch | N101

To serve as a hub for innovative thinkers who all have the same or similar goals in mind. To create a strong community and support their ideas and passions in any way possible. And to empower people through our club with knowledge that is needed to transform ideas into successful business or social ventures.

Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Lalonde;
Student: Alton Swiderski;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch | N220

Community service and FCCLA activities.

Feminist Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms.McKenna;
Students: Addy Wynkoop;,
and Taiya Fletcher;,
and Edie Welch;
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch (First Half) | SW100

Feminist Club is and continues to be a group of individuals (both women, men, and non-binary folk), who discuss intersectional feminism and its relation to the world we live in, work on projects related to feminism, and overall create a safe space dedicated to those interested in eradicating the patriarchy. Additionally, we discuss, explain and dive into current and historical events with the emphasis of doing so with a feminist lens.

Film Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Bradford;
Student: Isabel Baraff;
Meetings: Friday
Time & Location: After School (4 p.m.) | Film Room in Library

Watch fun movies every Friday and help plan the Ballard High Film Festival.

Fishing Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Chamberlin;
Student: John Parrent;
Meetings: Every Other Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | Commons or SW215

To share knowledge about fishing and make it more open to new fishers.

Focaccia Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Gillespie;
Students: Ella Nichols;
and Julian Swift;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Break (10:15-10:35 a.m) | Band Room

To engage in worldly conversations over artisan breads.

French Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Sturgeon;
Students: Colin Newton;
and Margo Bradberry;
Meetings: Tuesday
Time & Location: Lunch | S207

Learn about the francophone world through food, games and fun activities.

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Garment Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Carlson;
Students: Finn Vickers and Claude Rosa
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch (First Half) | NW203

Create a healthy and safe environment where people can share their garment creations and talk about fashion garments as a whole.

Generation SOS

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Maykut;
Students: McCall Hunter;
and Rory Monaghan;
and Chloe Olson;
and Kasper Vaagsland;
Meetings: Once a Month
Time & Location: Lunch | Ms. Maykut Room

To bring awareness to fentanyl overdoses in our community and bring sober speakers to school.


Teacher Advisor: Mr. Subido;
Students: Spencer White and Miles Harrison
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch | S100

Skateboard, Bmx, Scooter club so people can come together and meat other riders.

Greenlake Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Subido;
Student: Miles Harrison;
Meetings: Tuesday TBD
Time & Location: Lunch & After School TBD | S208

Our club will be about the Green Lake Skate Park, anyone can join, we will be watching old skate videos at lunch and talking about meeting after school to skate or bike or scooter, we want too make a teeshirt at some point for the club.

GSA (Genders and Sexualities Alliance)

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Furman;
and Ms. McGinty;
Student: Holding Elections posted soon.
Meetings: Tuesday
Time & Location: Lunch | NW211

Genders & Sexualities Alliances, or GSAs for short, are student-run organizations that unite LGBTQ+ and allied youth to build community and organize around issues impacting them in their schools and communities. GSAs have evolved beyond their traditional role to serve as safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth in middle schools and high schools, and have emerged as vehicles for deep social change related to racial, gender, and educational justice.

Hacky Sack Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Thurrow;
Students: Dylan Lo;
and Hank Rinehart;
and Alex Becker;
and Rocky Meredith;
and JP Parrent;
and Elliot Goldberg;
Meetings: Tuesday & Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | On the Field

People playing hacky sack in 1 or more groups.

Hands for the Homeless

Teacher Advisor: Mr Morean;
Students: Tessa Bolton;
and Nadia Gorohoff
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch | S101

We want to have a group to make care packages, and get together other supplies/support for the homeless in Ballard. We also want to have a donation system for old clothes, diapers, and other necessities for homeless organizations like Mary’s Place. we want to want to do a lot during the holiday season and the cold season, because that when people are really struggling.

Hockey Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Katrel;
Students: Kennedy Jensen;
and Noel Bellabarba;
Meetings: Friday
Time & Location: Lunch 11:50 a.m. | SW102

To create a safe space for all individuals to talk and discuses the sports of hockey.

HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America)
Future Health Professionals

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Howsmon;
Students: Violet Petersen;
and Kate Herndon
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: Lunch | Mr. Howsmon Room

To teach students about various health occupations and allow them to experiment in a competition setting.

INK Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms Mckenna;
Students: Arwyn Anderson;
and Gianna Goldyn;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: After School 3:45 – 4:30/5 p.m. | SW100

To revitalize the old ink club; a club focused on showcasing student art and making art every monday after school.

Investment Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Blazevic;
Students: Johannes Thiessen;
and Ishan;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch | N108

In this club I want to teach students how to invest in their future and how to manage their money so it will grow. As well as teaching them how to trade stocks to participate in stock trading competitions. We also want to teach kids about personal finance.

Japanese Language Club

Teacher Advisors: Mr. Ager;
Students: Louisa Ramsta;,
and Xelli Berg;
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | S203

A club for those learning Japanese, and a place for people to casually practice their language skills. each meeting we’ll have a Kanji and grammar point of the week, and then use that in our conversations during the meeting.

Jewish Student Union (JSU)

Teacher Advisors: Ms. Storey;
Student President: Flora Bradley;
Student Vice President: Elliott Jansen;
Student Vice President: Tansy Velush;
Meetings: Wednesday (Every Other)
Time & Location: Lunch | S104

It’s a cultural student union that creates a Jewish community and connections at Ballard.

Knitting and Crochet Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Ager
Students: Xelli Berg;
and Katherine Wenrick;
and Kat Jones;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch (12:05 p.m.) | Japanese Classroom S203

We will crochet or knit during lunch and teach anyone who is interested in learning.

Kpop Club

Teacher Advisors: Mr. Ager;
Meetings: Tuesday
Time & Location: After School (3:50 p.m. – 4:50 p.m.) | S203

We would want to learn dances and probably some korean language and i would hope to enroll into local Kpop competition.

Latinx Student Union (LSU)

Teacher Advisors: Mr. Subido; 
and Ms. Mcginty;
Student: Anya Souza Ponce;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: After School (3:45 p.m.) | S100

Our goal is to foster community for all students identifying as Latino/a/e/x and/or Chicano/a/x and/or Xicano/a/x. We hope to help amplify the voices of our historically marginalized Latinx students, along with the voices of other students of color attending BHS.

Library Leaders

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Chambers;
Students: Margo Bradberry;
and Madison Eastman;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: Lunch | Makerspace, Library

Library displays and organization.

M.A.S.C. Club (Masculine Advocating Students Conversing

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Brayman;
Student: Karim Rifai;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch | S106

Creating an inclusive environment to redefine masculinity in a positive way with discussions and presentations to resolve gender issues and frustrations.

Mao Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Gillespie;
Students: Ella Nichols;
and Hazel Hartman;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch | Band Room

We play Mao!

Marine Biology Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Gundle;
Students: Lily Beckerman;
and Ella Wilson
Meetings: Monday (Every Other)
Time & Location: Lunch | NW217

We hang out and talk and learn about marine biology! Everyone’s welcome.

Math Tutoring Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Rus;
Student: Chloe Deux-Pancera;
Meetings: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | SW202

The Math Tutoring Club is to help students taking any math course improve their understanding of what they are working on. We are also looking for student tutors who want to teach others and earn service hours. Drop-ins welcome anytime!

Menstruation Education Club

Teacher Advisor: Dr. Becky Howsmon;
Student: Maisy Clunies-Ross;
Meetings: Friday
Time & Location: First Half of Lunch | NW200

The purpose of our club is to prepare lessons and presentations on issues relating to menstruation (including period poverty, sustainability of menstrual products, the pink tax, and the related stigma.) Interested members of the club will ideally take action on these issues, by making reusable pads and presenting the lessons on menstruation in elementary and middle schools.

Mock Trial Team

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Dowdy;
and Mr. Lee;
Student: Sabi Yoon
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | S108

Give students the opportunity to experience the thrill of the courtroom through mock trial simulations, including district competitions against other high schools, and even state and national competitions!

Model UN

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Dowdy;
Students: Violet Petersen and Amelia Wignall
Meetings: Friday
Time & Location: Lunch | Ms. Dowdy Room

Our purpose is to prepare students for various competitions where students will represent a country at a mock United Nations committee meeting.

Multicultural Student Union

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Dowdy;
Student: Semai Hagos;
and Violet Vargas;
and Mirabel Petersen;
and Alondra Castana;
Meetings: Tuesday
Time & Location: Lunch | S103

Continuing work from prior years. Mission Statement: We, as the Multicultural Union want to provide a safe, comfortable space for all Ballard High School students, allowing for unique individuals with extraordinary cultural backgrounds, to work together as a proud, diverse community.

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Nail Art Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Lehni;
Students: Naomi Kildal and Mirabel Petersen
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch | Ms. Lehni Room

By participating in Nail Art Club, we will share out new ideas for trends on nail art, give advice tips to other students, learn about the difficulties that come with Spa Businesses and Nail industries, and always be respectful towards every students’ voice.

National Honors Society

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Feise;
Student: Carmella Terrones;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch (First Half) | Mr. Feise Room

Volunteer based organizations for students with a high GPA and academic standards.

Nintendo Games Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Holmgren;
Student: Morgan Van Laar;
Meetings: Friday
Time & Location: Lunch | S116

A group of people coming together to enjoy all types of Nintendo games.


Teacher Advisor: Mr. Holmgren;
Students: Nathalie Stanley;
and Eden Hawkins
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: After School | S116

We here are working together to create a full story web comic.

Philosophy and Ethics Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Storey;
Students: Emma Wiens;
and Isabel Baraff;
and Lucas Bright;
Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday
Time & Location: After School (3:45 – 5 p.m.) | SW103

Providing a place for students to learn more about philosophy and ethics as well as share and challenge ideas through meaningful and complex discussion and analysis. Activities include Socratic Seminars, coaching/lectures from UW PLATO volunteers, and participation in WA State Ethics Bowl.

Photography Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. O’Neil;
Student: Quinn Carothers
Meetings: Tuesday or Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | SW126

Photography club is for students in photography class or for who love photography to meet with other photographers to learn and share their work. Students will have the option to work in the darkroom, meet for photoshoots and more.

Physics Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Banholzer;
Students: Alden McGrath;
and Connor Selleck;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: After School | Ms. Banholzer Room

Physics based learning & projects.

Psychology Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Dowdy;
Student: Bridget Donnelly;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch | Ms. Dowdy Room

To learn more about how the brain works and interacts in different social situations.

Plant Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Carlson;
Students: Sara Policar;
and Aphid DeLeon;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: Lunch | NW203

Learn more about plants and agriculture through fun activities!

PRIDE Book Club

Teacher Advisors: Ms. Chambers;
and Mr. Furman;
Student: Saffire Crane;
Meetings: Friday (Every Other)
Time & Location: Lunch | Book Club Room

To create a safe fun space for LGBTQ and Allies to read books that represent who they are and discuss issues in our community.

Ryan Gosling Fan Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Chambers;
Student: Bailey Jones;
and Sophia Poole:
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | Library

Come join us as we praise and cherish the work of Ryan Gosling, including watching films that he has been in or just talking about him! We are fangirls.

Sailing Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Foster;
Students: Phoebe Howe;
and Simone Ford;
Meetings: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Time & Location: After School | At a club near Golden Gardens

We are Ballard’s sailing team we compete at different events in the fall and spring representing Ballard.

Sales Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Jereczek;
Student: Ishan Kamran;
Meetings: Tuesday
Time & Location: Lunch (Second Half) | Ms. Jereczek Room

Want to be able to sell smoke to a fire? Want to acquire the skill set necessary for a high-paying salary straight out of High School? Then Join this club to learn sales tactics and scripts through a fun interactive group experience!

Seattle Student Union

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Morean;
Student: Noir Goldberg;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: Lunch | Mr. Morean Room

Ballard chapter of Seattle Student Union, connecting BHS voices to greater SSU support.

Service Project Club

Teacher Advisor: Scott Cachopo;
Student: Zoe Thompson;
Meetings: Tuesday (Every Other)
Time & Location: First Half of Lunch | Ceramics Classroom

To plan service projects around the community to be implemented by group members. Examples could include volunteering at the Ballard Food Bank, or Treehouse store for children in foster care.

Slavic Cultural Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Franz-Knight;
Students: Mia Cole-Daum;
and Ava Fescoe;
Meetings: Tuesday
Time & Location: Lunch | Ms. Franz-Knight Room

To talk about slavic culture and have a good time.

Spanish Club

Teacher Advisors: Ms. Yardley;
Student: Alina Zahn;
and Julia Distler;
and Coco Otto;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: Lunch (11:50 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.) | Ms. Yardley Room

To foster an environment where we learn about Spanish history, culture, foods and where we have important discussions in Spanish. Also doing some service projects that are Spanish related.

Speech and Debate Club

Teacher Advisors: Mr. Morean;
Student: Ruby James Madden;
Meetings: Tuesday
Time & Location: Lunch | Mr. Morean Room

This will be a club that aims to teach debate skills as well as public speaking and oration. We will play games, host mock debates and possibly work with other high schools to hold a formal debate tournament in the future.

Sports Debate Club

Teacher Advisors: Mr. Smith;
Students: Amare S.
and Zane A. and Sean B.
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch 12 – 1 p.m. | SW122

Talk about sports, make friends, build a community or group of people who share common interests.

STEM Aviation

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Chamberlin;
Student: Mia Mayachar;
Meetings: Thursday (Bi-Weekly)
Times & Locations: Lunch | SW226

Focus on aviation and aerodynamics. Study group to prepare for students getting PPL and partnered with STEM fly a program that takes students up flying.


Teacher Advisor: Ms. Povey;
Students: Linden Fatland;
and Peyton Nakagawara;
Meetings: Tuesday
Times & Locations: Lunch (Second Half) | Ms. Povey Room

We will compete in local science fairs first semester and second semester we will work with Lawton Elementary to help out and “run” their STEAM Challenge.

Sunrise Club (Environmental Activism Club)

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Maykut;
Students: Alina Zahn and Linden Fatland;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch (Second Half) | Ms. Maykut Room

A club where we learn about important climate, social and political issues that youth can help make a difference in.

Table Tennis Club

Teacher Advisor: Eric Ensign;
Students: Sebastien Calhoun;
and Alton Naumann;
and Alex Manelski;
Meetings: Everyday
Time & Location: Lunch | Activity Center (AC)

We are a casual/competitive Table Tennis/Ping Pong playing club. We have won metro league championship against Ingraham High School and we are working towards state this year.

Taylor Swift Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms.Lehni;
Student: Addy Wynkoop;
Meetings: Friday
Time & Location: Lunch (First Half) | S100

In this club we will do Taylor Swift karaoke, have in depth discussions of easter eggs and theories, and listen to her music. We will also stream music videos and talk shows that she has been involved in. Our mission is to create a fun and positive environment for anyone to discuss their love for Taylor Swift!

Teen Health Center Club

Nurse Advisor: Ms. Boudour;
Student: Sophia Nash;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: Lunch | Teen Health Center

Students get together and talk about the books they have been reading and discuss ways to engage other students in good books.

That Dam Book Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Chambers;
Student: Serena Pook;
Meetings: Tuesday (Every Other)
Time & Location: Lunch | Makerspace

Students get together and talk about the books they have been reading and discuses ways to engage other students in good books.

Viking Robotics Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Connolly;
Students: Lydia Blair;
and Isabel Baraff;
and Dexter Czark;
and Karim Rifai;
Meetings: Monday and Wednesday
Time & Location: 6 – 8 p.m. | NW204/205

Viking Robotics is a youth-led inclusive and diverse community that inspires and educates students about engineering, programming, business, and other STEM skills through building robots. All are welcome regardless of skill level!

Violin Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Valdez;
Students: Ethan Li;
and Kieran Horowitz;
Meetings: Tuesday
Time & Location: Lunch | Bandroom

Explore a variety of violin music from various cultures and collaborate together in quartet/small chamber group to eventually preform at BHS performing arts concerts. Practice together and develop violin skills.

War Thunder Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Krokower;
Student: Morgan Anderson;
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | Mr Krokower Room

We all play war thunder.

Yapping Club (Podcast)

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Chambers;
Student: Cove Brammer;
Meetings: Monday and Friday
Time & Location: Lunch | Library

To give a platform to students who want a voice on a podcast and to share information.

As of April 24, 2024