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Club Rush Oct 4!

Ballard Students! Mark you calendars and stop by the Club Rush tables in the BHS Commons on Wednesday, Oct 4 after school! Don’t Miss!

  • Oct 4 after school at BHS from 2:30 – 4 p.m.

Ballard HS Clubs

Clubs are a great way to get involved. Ballard HS had over 75 clubs available for students in previous years. Find a Club that matches your interests and get involved. If you can’t find a Club that fits your interests, start your own Club!

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Want to start a Club?

If you had a club last year you will still need to complete the form again.

Complete the Online BHS Clubs Information Form for your club to be considered for this school year!

Current Club List 23-24

3D Printing Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Chambers;
Students: Natalie Marron;
and Luca Denhez;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch | Library

In this Club, you can literally make anything you can imagine! You can take it home, admire it on a shelf, or work with each other to create something complex. Choose from a ton of colors, find a cool thing online or make your own, and learn how to use these printers! You can find us at the front of the library.

Art Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Harkleroad;
Student: Lucia Kelly;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Meet at the start of lunch and through lunch | Art Classroom

A place where people can come together and do art.

Asian Student Union (ASU)

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Ager;
Students: Justene Li;
and Mirabel Petersen;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: Lunch | S203

We want to create a community and welcoming environment for Asian students at Ballard, as well as a space for anyone who wants to learn about Asian culture and traditions!

American Sign Language (ASL) Club

Teacher Advisor: Madame Sturgeon;
Student: Ella Heverley
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | 207

To teach ASL to people interested

Ballard Outdoor Adventure Team (B.O.A.T)

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Gundle;
Students: Bridget Donelly, Kaiya VanDenBert, Lily Huber
and Lily Beckerman;
Meetings: Tuesday
Time & Location: Lunch | Mr Gundle Room | NW218

Ballard Outdoor Adventure Team is all about exploring the great outdoors through fun activities with friends!

Ballard Psychiatric Literacy Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Katrel;
Student: Ru Trice-Loggers;
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch 11:55 a.m. | SW102

Our goal is to improve the psychiatric/mental health literacy rates within the school, so that students can gain the ability to recognize disorders, find information about mental health, learn how to support people who are struggling, and expand their knowledge of psychiatry.

Ballard Volleyball Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Pentecost;
and Mr. Omar;
Students: Luke Lysene;
and Violet Martel;
and Vivian Gregory;
and Ruth Tinker
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch | Aux Gym

A place for friends or whoever wants to be there to have fun and play volleyball.

BHS Girls Lax

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Ensign;
Students: Bridget Donnelly;
and Ellie M., Mia M., Maddie S., Mirabel P.
Meetings: Spring Sports Season
Time & Location: Lunch | Field

Girls Lacrosse! Teamwork! Athletics! Bonding! Winning! Life skills!

Crochet and Knitting Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Povey;
Students: Lydia Blair;
and Lucille Harris;
and Isabel Baraff;
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | NW213

Hang out and crochet/knit with fellow crafters!


Teacher Advisor: Ms. Jereczek;
and Mr. Blazevic;
Student: Madison Eseman;
Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday Tentatively
Time & Location: Lunch | N101

DECA is a business club and prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.

Drain Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Chambers;
Students: Julian Swift;
and Charles Merrill;
Meetings: Tuesday
Time & Location: Lunch | Book Club Room in the Library

The purpose of this club is to listen to and discuss music released by Drain Gang with other fans of their work.

Earth Service Corps – YMCA

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Gundle;
Students: Sydney Marion;
and Madeleine Koenig;
and Samuel Tinker;
and Spencer Nuss;
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch, 11:50 a.m. | NW217

Our clubs purpose is to create a community to make the Ballard school and neighborhood greener and more sustainable. We want Ballard students to feel like they can make a difference and take action with our club.

Film Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Bradford;
Student: Isabel Baraff;
Meetings: Friday
Time & Location: After School 4 p.m. | Film Room in Library

Watch fun movies every Friday and help plan the Ballard High Film Festival.

Focaccia Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Gillespie;
Students: Ella Nichols;
and Julian Swift;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: 10:15-10:35 a.m. & Lunch | Band Room & NE221

To engage in worldly conversations over artisan breads.

Generation SOS

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Maykut;
Students: McCall Hunter;
and Rory Monaghan;
and Chloe Olson;
and Kasper Vaagsland;
Meetings: Once a Month
Time & Location: Lunch | Ms. Maykut Room

To bring awareness to fentanyl overdoses in our community and bring sober speakers to school.

Hacky Sack Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Thurrow;
Students: Dylan Lo;
and Hank Rinehart;
and Alex Becker;
and Rocky Meredith;
and JP Parrent;
and Elliot Goldberg;
Meetings: Tuesday & Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | On the Field

People playing hacky sack in 1 or more groups.

HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America)
Future Health Professionals

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Howsmon;
Students: Violet Petersen;
and Kate Herndon
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: Lunch | Mr. Howsmon Room

To teach students about various health occupations and allow them to experiment in a competition setting.

Japanese Language Club

Teacher Advisors: Mr. Ager;
Students: Louisa Ramsta;,
and Xelli Berg;
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | S203

A club for those learning Japanese, and a place for people to casually practice their language skills. each meeting we’ll have a Kanji and grammar point of the week, and then use that in our conversations during the meeting.

Jewish Student Union (JSU)

Teacher Advisors: Ms. Storey;
Student President: Flora Bradley;
Student Vice President: Elliott Jansen;
Student Vice President: Tansy Velush;
Meetings: Wednesday (Every Other)
Time & Location: Lunch | S104

It’s a cultural student union that creates a Jewish community and connections at Ballard.

Knitting and Crochet Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Ager
Students: Xelli Berg;
and Katherine Wenrick;
and Kat Jones;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch 12:05 p.m. | Japanese Classroom S203

We will crochet or knit during lunch and teach anyone who is interested in learning.

Latinx Student Union (LSU)

Teacher Advisors: Mr. Subido; 
and Ms. Mcginty;
Student: Anya Souza Ponce;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: After School 3:45 p.m.| S100

Our goal is to foster community for all students identifying as Latino/a/e/x and/or Chicano/a/x and/or Xicano/a/x. We hope to help amplify the voices of our historically marginalized Latinx students, along with the voices of other students of color attending BHS.

Library Leaders

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Chambers;
Students: Margo Bradberry;
and Madison Eastman;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: Lunch | Makerspace, Library

lLbrary displays and organization.

Mao Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Gillespie;
Students: Ella Nichols;
and Hazel Hartman;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch | Band Room

We play Mao!


Marine Biology Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Gundle;
Students: Lily Beckerman;
and Ella Wilson
Meetings: Monday (Every Other)
Time & Location: Lunch | NW217

We hang out and talk and learn about marine biology! Everyone’s welcome.

Math Tutoring Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Rus;
Student: Chloe Deux-Pancera;
Meetings: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | SW202

The Math Tutoring Club is to help students taking any math course improve their understanding of what they are working on. We are also looking for student tutors who want to teach others and earn service hours. Drop-ins welcome anytime!

Mock Trial Team

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Dowdy;
and Mr. Lee;
Student: Sabi Yoon
Meetings: Thursday
Time & Location: Lunch | S108

Give students the opportunity to experience the thrill of the courtroom through mock trial simulations, including district competitions against other high schools, and even state and national competitions!

Model UN

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Dowdy;
Students: Violet Petersen and Amelia Wignall
Meetings: Friday
Time & Location: Lunch | Ms. Dowdy Room

Our purpose is to prepare students for various competitions where students will represent a country at a mock United Nations committee meeting.

Music & Other Stuff Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Gross;
Student: Alisha McDowell Rauniyar;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: Lunch | S105

Way to make friends that are interested In music. Talk about recommendations of music, songs, and artists. Talk abt local record shops in the area equipment for stereo setups Explore subcultures in music the history behind them and the music in them Talk about music resources Music related opportunities Explore different genres Good concert venues and show etiquette and safety tips Music movies And for activities we can burn our own cds and mix our our cassettes.

National Honors Society

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Feise;
Student: Carmella Terrones;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch (First Half) | Mr. Feise Room

Volunteer based organizations for students with a high GPA and academic standards.


Teacher Advisor: Mr. Holmgren;
Students: Nathalie Stanley;
and Eden Hawkins
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: After School | S116

We here are working together to create a full story web comic.

Philosophy and Ethics Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Storey;
Students: Emma Wiens;
and Isabel Baraff;
and Lucas Bright;
Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday
Time & Location: After School 3:45 – 5 p.m. | SW103

Providing a place for students to learn more about philosophy and ethics as well as share and challenge ideas through meaningful and complex discussion and analysis. Activities include Socratic Seminars, coaching/lectures from UW PLATO volunteers, and participation in WA State Ethics Bowl.

Psychology Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Dowdy;
Student: Bridget Donnelly;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch | Ms. Dowdy Room

To learn more about how the brain works and interacts in different social situations.

Plant Club

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Carlson;
Students: Sara Policar;
and Aphid DeLeon;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: Lunch | NW203

Learn more about plants and agriculture through fun activities!

Seattle Student Union

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Morean;
Student: Noir Goldberg;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: Lunch | Mr. Morean Room

Ballard chapter of Seattle Student Union, connecting BHS voices to greater SSU support.

Spanish Club

Teacher Advisors: Ms. Yardley;
Student: Alina Zahn;
Meetings: Monday
Time & Location: Lunch 11:50 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. | Ms. Yardley Room

To foster an environment where we learn about spanish history, culture,foods and where we have important discussions in Spanish. Also doing some service projects that are Spanish related.


Teacher Advisor: Ms. Povey;
Students: Linden Fatland;
and Peyton Nakagawara;
Meetings: Tuesday
Times & Locations: Lunch (Second Half) | Ms. Povey Room

We will compete in local science fairs first semester and second semester we will work with Lawton Elementary to help out and “run” their STEAM Challenge.

Sunrise Club (Environmental Activism Club)

Teacher Advisor: Ms. Maykut;
Students: Alina Zahn and Linden Fatland;
Meetings: Wednesday
Time & Location: Lunch (Second Half) | Ms. Maykut Room

A club where we learn about important climate, social and political issues that youth can help make a difference in.

Viking Robotics Club

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Connolly;
Students: Lydia Blair;
and Isabel Baraff;
and Dexter Czark;
and Karim Rifai;
Meetings: Monday and Wednesday
Times & Location: 6 – 8 p.m. | NW204/205

Viking Robotics is a youth-led inclusive and diverse community that inspires and educates students about engineering, programming, business, and other STEM skills through building robots. All are welcome regardless of skill level!

As of September 25, 2023