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Ballard High School ASB

ASB Freshman Ambassadors

New! Freshmen interested in running for ASB ambassadors can find the packet with all the details on the BHS ASB Linktree. Complete packet by Oct 22!

ASB Cards

Student ID card with Beaver and school info
Student ID Card / Activity Card

ASB Cards are here! Pick up your card in the Main Office during lunch!

All students who tryout/participate in a Ballard athletic team or perform in a music group must purchase a BHS Activity Card (sticker) for $35. All students paying the fee allows all BHS students to receive free admission to BHS home games (discounted for Football games). Students who pay the activity fee will also get a discount on the price of a yearbook and school dances. Parents/guardians may pay via SchoolPay on the Source.

Activity cards (stickers) to put on the Student ID cards are sold daily during break, lunch, and after school in the Activity Center.  Please bring exact cash or a check payable to Ballard High School in the amount of $35.00.

Your Student ID card becomes an Activity Card when you have the ASB sticker attached to your card.

ALL Students: Why Buy an Activity Card (sticker)?

  • To receive free admission to BHS home games (discounted for Football games).
  • To be able to play on a Ballard athletic team or perform in a music group.
  • To get a discount on the price of a yearbook and activities like school dances.


We, the students of Ballard High School, establish this Constitution for the purposes of guiding student government and the activities program; to create a unified community; and to enhance communication and cooperation amongst the students, staff, and administration.

We believe that students should have the opportunity to become involved in representative student government and have a voice in making decisions.

Always Serving Ballard
Ballard High School ASB Constitution 

Associated Student Body (ASB) Funds

Publication of Information

Required per RCW 28A.325.050

An Associated Student Body (ASB) is a formal organization of students, including sub-component or affiliated student groups, formed at each public school within Seattle Schools. The programs of the ASB are any optional, noncredit, extra-curricular activity conducted in whole or in part by or on behalf of an ASB, during or outside regular school hours, within or outside school grounds and facilities and conducted with the approval of the school district or under the official designee to whom authority has been delegated to act on behalf of an ASB or sub-component group. ASB programs and activities must be of a cultural, athletic, recreational or social nature benefitting the ASB.

Money generated or collected, including fundraising proceeds, in conjunction with ASB activities, is public money which must be deposited into the ASB Fund. ASB public money may only be used for optional, noncredit, extra-curricular events and activities of a cultural, athletic, recreational, or social nature.

Posting of the following reports ensures compliance with RCW 28A.325.050 (and ESHB1109).  This information is not representative of a school’s full fiscal and/or athletic activity.

Questions regarding the posting of the ASB reports may be directed to:

Erma Meekins-Hill, ASB, Trust Analyst

Fund Balance Reports:

ASB Activity Card Data