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Building Leadership Team (BLT)

Ballard High School Building Leadership Team

The Building Leadership Team (BLT) is grounded in the belief that collaborative site-based decision-making structures are key to accelerating student academic achievement, racial equity, and building community. The committee consists of representation from school stakeholders: five Certified Staff Members, one Classified staff member, one Paraprofessional, one Custodial (Local 509), two Parents/Community representatives, two ASB representatives (including the ASB Racial Justice Advocate), and the Principal.

The BLT committee meets monthly to discuss building-wide issues including school-wide events, attendance, student activities and school climate. The BLT is also responsible for providing leadership and direction for professional development, the school budget, and the school improvement plan (CSIP).


BLT meets on the second Thursday of every month at 4 p.m. BLT meets virtually via Microsoft Teams or on-campus location, it’s Room S102. For Teams link information, please email the BLT Chair.

Meeting dates may be adjusted to accommodate school holidays and vacation periods. BLT meetings are open to the public. Membership is not required to attend and participate in meetings. Everyone is invited.

Team Members 2023-24 (Academic Year)

Chair: Kira Franz-Knight
Social Studies Teacher (Certificated);
Vice Chair: Jeff Hanson
SPED Paraprofessional (Classified);
Secretary: David Furman
SPED Teacher (Certificated);

Members at Large

  • Certificated: Chair Kira Franz-Knight
  • Certificated: Secretary David Furman
  • Certificated: Orchestra Director Dan Valdez
  • Certificated: French Teacher Annaick Sturgeon
  • Certificated: Unfilled
  • Certificated: Science Teacher Sophie Banholzer
  • Classified: Vice Chair Jeff Hanson
  • SAEOP: Fiscal Specialist Jana Pitman
  • Local 609: Unfilled
  • Administration: Principal Abby Hunt
  • ASB Leadership (Students): Addy Wynkoop/Taiya Fletcher
  • ASB Racial Justice Advocate (Student): Mirabel Petersen
  • PTSA Parent Rep: OPEN. Learn more.
  • PTSA Parent Rep: Karen Morse