Course Registration

Fall Online Course Registration

Timeline for New Student Course Registration 2023-2024

New Students/Families: Students who are newly assigned to Ballard High School over the summer will be contacted via email the week of August 21, 2023 with course selection information.

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  • April 7, 2023: The district list of Student Assignments is released to the HS. April 18: Incoming families were sent a welcome email. April 19:  Incoming students can begin submitting course requests via their Student Source account.
  • April 19 – April 28, 2023: Incoming Out-of-District Students in Grades 8-11 can begin submitting their Course Selection Worksheet via email to counselor, Katie Huguenin, Registration for the Class of 2027 and transfer students new to BHS (SPS students will submit their requests online via their Source account)
  • Week of Aug 21: Students who are newly assigned to Ballard HS over the summer will be contacted via email this week with course selection information.
  • First week of September 2023: Schedules will be available to families on the Source.

Please Note! Your 2023-24 class schedule is built completely on which courses & alternates you Submit. If you did not complete this Critical Step by the deadline, it could result in not getting the courses you wanted. Students who submit their requests earlier in the window don’t get special priority, so please take your time and choose carefully, but make sure do it by the deadline. Schedule changes in September will only be allowed for very special circumstances.

Instructions for Submitting Online Course Requests

Step 1: Complete Your Course Selection Planning Worksheet

Use the following documents to help you complete your worksheet

Step 2: Submit Course Selection Requests via Student Source Account (*Current SPS Students Only)

Use the following documents to help you submit your course selections

Reminder! If you do not complete this Critical Step of submitting your course requests within your class registration window, it could result in not getting the courses you wanted.

*Incoming Out-of-District Students in Grades 8-11 should submit their completed Course Selection Worksheet via email to counselor, Katie Huguenin, by April 28, 2023.


  • Have Questions or Need Help? Please email BHS Counselor Katie Huguenin at or the Counseling Secretary, Carol Bristol, at or 206-252-1014.
  • For students who receive Special Education services: Katie Huguenin, counselor at Ballard, will work with the current middle school IEP teacher and student/family to choose appropriate requests. A member of the BHS Special Education Department will review your course requests and reach out if they have questions.
  • If you will not be attending Ballard High School, please email Carol Bristol, at to indicate where you will be attending school next year.
  • Your 2023-2024 class schedule will be available before the first day of school. You will receive information regarding school schedules and specific information about events like New Student Orientation over the summer.

Families who do not have an email address listed with their enrollment information will get a call from a BHS Counselor to complete course requests.

Counseling Secretary

Carol Bristol

BHS Student Counselor Assignment Breakdown

Students are assigned to Counselors by the first letter of their last name.

Sonja Petersen | Co-Head Counselor
Student List (A-Cop) (M-Th)

Maya McKenzie (Coq-Hop)

Tom Kramer (Hoq-Nat) 

Gail Olson Laing | Co-Head Counselor 
Student List (Nau-Str)

Katie Huguenin (Sts-Z) (T, W, Th)

As of July 19, 2023