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Course Offerings Gr 10-12

Ballard High School 2024-25

Course Offerings Quick Reference for Grades 10-12

See BHS Course Catalog online for complete course list, course descriptions, and recommended course progressions.


* Asterisk: audition or teacher/counselor permission required
AC – Art OR CTE credit
SC – Science OR CTE credit
CTE – Career & Technical Education
(H) – Honors option available
Prerq: Prerequisite
Bold – New Course ’24-’25


World Lit & Comp 10A/10B
Amer Lit & Comp 11A/11B
Humanities Block: Ethnic Studies Amer Lit 11A/11B (H) (11th gr)
AP Eng Lang Comp 1/2 (11th gr)
Compar Lit & Comp 12A/12B
AP Eng Lit & Comp 1/2 (12th gr)
English 111/C LIT 240 (12th gr)
English 111 (12th gr) yearlong

Social Studies

World History 2/3 (10th gr)
AP World History (10th gr)
Humanities Block: Ethnic Studies US Hist 11A/Hist 148 US Hist 11B (H) (11th gr)
US History 11A/Hist 148 US History 11B
AP US History 11A/11B
American Gov’t (sem) (12th gr)
AP US Gov’t & Politics 1 & 2 (year) (12th gr)


Algebra 1A/1B (H)
Geometry A/B, (H)
Algebra 2A/2B, (H)
Pre-Calculus A/B
AP Pre-Calculus A/B
Calculus A/B
AP Calculus AB A/B
AP Calculus BC A/B
Probability & Stats A/B
AP Statistics A/B
BUS 130 Business Math 130 A/B


(SC = counts as Science or CTE)
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science SC
AP Physics A/B
Biotech Genetics SC
Botany (Grade 12 only)
Chem B/Chem C
Enviro Horticulture (grade 12 only) SC
Oceanography SC
Physics A/Chem A (10th gr)
Physics B/Chem B
Physics B/Physics C
Systems Medicine SC

World Language

French 1A/1B
French 2A/2B
French 103 3A/3B
French 4A/4B
AP French 5A/5B
Japanese 1A/1B
Japanese 2A/2B
Japanese 113 3A/3B
Japanese 4A/4B
AP Japanese 5A/5B
Spanish 1A/1B
Spanish 2A/2B
Spanish 123 A/B
Spanish 4A/4B
AP Spanish 5A/5B
AP Spanish Lit A/B (6)

Health & Phys Ed

Health (sem)
Individ Sports/Rkt Sports (sem)
Lifetime Activities/Yoga (sem)
Personal Fitness (sem)
Team Sports (sem) (10-12 gr only)
Weight Training (sem)

Art – Visual Arts

(AC = counts as Art or CTE)
Art Survey (sem)
Ceramics Beginning (sem, grd 11-12)
Drawing & Painting Beg & Adv (sem)
AP Drawing A/B

Art – Media Arts

(AC = counts as Art or CTE)
Graphic Design Beg (sem) AC
Photo Beg & Adv (sem) AC
AP 2-D Art & Design A/B (Photo) (AC)
Video Beginning A/B (sem/yr) AC
*Video Advanced A/B (yr) AC
*Video Spec Proj A/B (yr) AC

Art – Performing Arts, Music & Theatre

(AC = counts as Art or CTE)
Theatre Play Production (sem) (after school) AC
Tech Theatre Beg/Adv (sem) AC
Theatre Beg/Adv (sem)
Piano (sem)
Guitar Lab 1 (sem)
AP Music Theory A/B (yr)
Concert Band A/B (yr)
*Percussion Ensemble A/B (yr)
*Symph Band A/B (yr) AC
*Wind Ensemble A/B (yr) AC
Concert Orchestra A/B (yr) AC
*Symph Orchestra A/B (yr) AC
*Chamber Orchestra A/B(yr)AC
*Jazz Band A/B (yr) AC
Treble Choir A/B (yr)
*Chorale A/B (yr) AC
*Concert Choir A/B (yr) AC
*Vocal Jazz A/B (yr) AC

CTE – Business ED & Finance

Accounting 1-3 (sem)
Computer Applications (sem)
AP Macroeconomics 1 & 2 (yr)
Principles of Finance/Bus Econ (yr 11)
Bus Glob Econ/Bus Mgmt B(yr 12)

CTE – Marketing

Marketing 1 & 2 (sem)
Project Mgmt 1-2 (sem/yr)
Entrepreneurship 1 (sem)

CTE – Comp Science

AP Comp Science Principles 1 & 2 (yr)
Immersive Media A/B (sem/yr)
AP Comp Science A1/A2(yr)
Comp Sci Projects 1 & 2 (yr)

CTE – Tech Ed

(AC = counts as Art or CTE)
Graphic Design Beg (sem) AC
Metal I (sem)
Robotics 1 & 2 (sem or yr)
Woods I (sem)
Woods 2 (sem)
Intro to Engineering Design I/II (yr)
Principles of Engineering I/II (yr)
Comp Integ Manuf I (sem)
Eng Des & Development I/II (yr)
Video Beginning A/B (sem/yr) AC
*Video Advanced A/B (yr) AC
*Video Spec Proj A/B (yr) AC

CTE – Family & Consumer Science

Apparel & Textiles 1 (sem)
Food Science 1 (sem) SC
Food Science 2 (sem) SC
Human Development (sem)
Independent Living (sem

CTE – Journalism & Yearbook

Journalism Writing (sem)
Publishing Journalism 1 & 2 (yr)
Publishing Yearbook 1 & 2 (yr)

CTE – Career Connect

Career Connect I/II (CTE credit)

CTE – Elective

Leadership (yr) (CTE credit)

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