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“Ballard High School is an inclusive, supportive community that cultivates a tradition of excellence for all students.” ~adopted May 2008

BHS Course Catalog 22-23

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Ballard HS Course Catalog

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  • Information about the Biotech Program as part of the Biotech CTE Pathway for the School Year 22-23 will be updated as it becomes available.
  • Changes to the end of semester and last day of school on page 5 to be amended as the new dates are confirmed.

Ballard HS Academies, Programs and Pathways

For those students seeking a thematic, integrated approach to their studies in high school, Ballard High School offers these academies, programs and pathways: Academy of Finance, Biotech Program, Digital Filmmaking Pathway, Maritime Program at Ballard HS and Project Lead-The-Way Pathway.

These programs offer a specific career/academic focus and may also offer internship and job shadowing opportunities. Students are grouped together in a variety of classes during their high school years. View the course descriptions in the BHS Course Catalog 

Academy of Finance

The core of the program takes place during Junior & Senior years. The Academy of Finance (AOF) is a program aimed at the student looking at future in business, economics, finance or simply interested in being in control of their own finances or understanding how the economy works. AOF is part of the National Academy Association (NAF).

Visit the
 Academy of Finance for more details.
Contact: Eric Blazevic at
Website: National Academy Association (NAF) 

Ballard Maritime Studies

The Ballard Maritime Studies is an interdisciplinary academic program at Ballard HS which combines maritime skills, maritime history, marine science and research. Every class in the program is a Career and Technical Education course, and the Ocean course is a lab science course. Visit the Maritime Program for more details.

Website: Ballard Maritime Studies
Visit the Ballard Maritime Program for more program specifics and details.
Contacts: John Foster at or Noam Gundle at

Biotech Program

Information about the Biotech Program as part of the Biotech CTE Pathway will be updated as it becomes available. Check back soon!

Digital Filmmaking Pathway

The Digital Filmmaking Program is open to Ballard HS students of all grades. Students planning to pursue degrees or careers in film/television production, broadcast journalism, art, advertising, media studies, or public relations should enroll no later than their sophomore year to begin to build a portfolio that meets college and industry application requirements.

Refer to the Digital Filmmaking Program for more information.
 Steven Bradford at
BHS Digital Filmmaking Blog:
DFP Films:

Project Lead the Way

Students may choose Intro to Engineering Design, the first course in the Project Lead The Way (PLTW/Engineering) Pathway. Visit the Project Lead the Way page for more information.

Contact: Brian Connolly at

Refer to the course descriptions in the BHS Course CatalogVisit the Ballard Performing Arts (BPA) Website for upcoming event information and learn more about the Ballard High School Band, Choir, Orchestra and Theatre programs.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) is a planned program of courses and learning experiences that begins with exploration of career options, supports academic and life skills, and enables achievement of high academic standards, leadership, and preparation for career and college. In addition to referring to the courses in the BHS Course Catalogor visit the Seattle Public Schools CTE for additional information.

Career Connected Learning (CCL) is a career awareness program for rising Seattle students to explore careers, meet a variety of industry professionals, and build an initial career and education plan. Students can become involved through service-learning projects, work experience, and internships. In addition to referring to the courses in the BHS Course Catalogfor more details. Also please visit the district CCL page for more helpful information about Career Connected Learning.

HHE9006 Health Length/Credit: 1 semester/ .5 credit Other: 9th grade standing or grade 10-12 if unable to take during grade 9. The Health curriculum prepares students with the essential health knowledge needed to formulate sound decisions so they may enjoy a healthy and complete life span. Students will study units that are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Topics include Physical, Social, Emotional/Mental, & Intellectual categories of health education.

HPE2364 Sports & Fitness Length/Credit: 1 semester/ .5 credit Other: Grades 9-12. Students will participate in individual and team sports, such as basketball, speed away, badminton, tennis, volleyball, flag football and indoor baseball. This class will also include a variety of fitness related activities. Excellent for beginner to moderate physical skill levels.

HPE5526 Weight Training/Conditioning Length/Credit: 1 semester/ .5 credit Other: Grades 9 – 12. This course is designed for students desiring to develop and/or maintain a high level of fitness. Activities include learning to work with weight training equipment and other fitness apparatus, learning to follow a prescribed or developed workout routine appropriate for the individual’s level of fitness and goals, charting progress by keeping records of routines and activities. In addition, activities incorporating speed, agility, footwork, endurance and core-body workouts.

HPE5522 Team Sports Length/Credit: 1 semester/ .5 credit Other: Grades 10 – 12. The emphasis in this course is on the continued development of skills and rules using traditional team sports such as basketball, flag football, softball, volleyball, team handball and speed away. This is a competitive setting.

HPE9239 PE-M Unified PE Length/Credit: 1 semester/ .5 credit Other: Grades 9 – 12. This class is open to General Ed Students and Students w/disabilities. GenEd students will be partners and supports for students with disabilities in their modified physical education class (see HPE4099 Physical Education 35/65 2021-22 Ballard High School Course Catalog Partner). All students will participate in individual and team sports, such as basketball, badminton, tennis, volleyball, flag football, indoor baseball and/or a variety of fitness related activities.

HPE4099 Physical Education Partner Length/Credit: 1 semester/ .5 credit Other: Grades 9-12. The purpose of this class is to be partners and supports for students with disabilities in their modified physical education class. See HPE9239 PE-M Unified PE course for details. Student PE Partners will have the opportunity to earn Service-Learning Hours as well as their PE credit. Principles taught in this class will follow the physical education core curriculum and enhance teaching and learning skills for students.

HPE5528 Racket Sports Length/Credit: 1 semester/ .5 credit Other: Grades 9 – 12. Racket sports include tennis, badminton, pickle ball, table tennis and indoor tennis. Students learn basic strokes, drills, strategies, teamwork and scoring to enjoy the games at a recreational level. Basic physical fitness workout is also included.

HPE5530 Lifetime Activities/Yoga Length/Credit: 1 semester/ .5 credit Other: Grades 9 – 12. This course emphasizes the development of physical fitness for lifelong fitness. This course focuses on the five components of fitness; flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardiorespiratory to improve overall health. The activities included are yoga, cardiorespiratory workouts (power walk/jog), circuit training, body toning, weight training, interval training and other alternative fitness activities.

Dual Credit Courses
Dual Credit programs allow students to take college-level courses while still in high school. Students may become eligible for college credit based on scores obtained in the year-end examinations and through taking college-level classes either at their high school or at colleges and universities. Dual credit programs at Ballard include: Advanced Placement, College in the High School, Tech Prep and Running Start.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses
Students in AP courses might earn college credit and/or advanced placement in college if they perform well on AP exams given in May and if their college of choice accepts the AP exam for credit. College credit is not guaranteed but rather is determined by each individual college upon the student’s enrollment in that college. AP courses at Ballard High School prepare students for these exams and offer a rigorous subject study available. There is a fee for students taking the AP exams. Students should see the Ballard High School Academic Intervention Specialist/Testing Coordinator if they need fee assistance.

AP Course offerings can change annually based on staffing and student enrollment. Prerequisites for AP courses are outlined in the course descriptions section in the Ballard HS Catalog.

College in the High School (aka: CIHS, CHS, UWHS)
A College in the High School program is a dual credit program in which a college approved eligible high school teacher offers a college course on a high school campus or in a high school environment, and in which eligible students are given the opportunity to earn high school credit to be awarded by a district, charter school, or tribal compact school and college credit awarded by the participating institution of higher education.

Ballard CIHS Programs: UWHS – University of Washington and CHS – Edmonds College. Refer to the BHS Course Catalogfor more details.

Running Start
This program for 11th and 12th graders allows students to take classes at the community college and earn high school and college credit simultaneously. Tuition is free for a maximum of 15 credits per quarter in college-level courses numbered 100 or higher. However, the number of college credits each student may take free of tuition costs is limited by the number of classes the student is concurrently taking at the high school. Students are responsible for tuition for pre-college courses (numbering below 100) and any credits that exceed their allowable limit. Students are responsible for the cost of books and transportation. Priority application deadline for fall term is the first week of May. Winter and spring term deadlines vary by school – please refer to the Running Start Page for current information. Students who are interested in the Running Start program should visit the community college websites and make an appointment with their Ballard High School counselor for more information.

Seattle Tech-Prep
A Tech Prep course contains a signed articulation agreement between Seattle Public Schools (Career and Technical Education) and at least one community/technical college. A student earning a Tech Prep Completer has completed 360 hours in any single CTE program area. The student must have passing grades in all courses within the program area for the courses to be counted for completer status. Tech Prep is the ‘AP’ of CTE. This program enables high school students to complete college-level courses while still in high school.

Seattle Skills Center – Off-Campus Vocational Programs
Learn advanced, hands-on, practical career skills and have the opportunity to earn industry certification, dual college credit, or participate in an internship or pre-apprenticeship while still attending high school?

Seattle School District high school students can enroll in one HALF DAY Skills Center course for up to 3 high school credits per year, while still attending your regular school the other half of the school day. You can still participate in sports, activities, and stay connected with friends. Each class requires 3 periods per day (periods 1- 3 for AM classes, and periods 4-6 for PM classes). Talk with your school counselor to make sure it will work with your schedule. Regardless of which high school you attend, you can take any Skills Center class. See the webpage for full course descriptions and the Easy Required Online Application. Students get a taxi, van, or school bus to and from their Skills Center class, so no worries about long commutes on the Metro or Light Rail. Visit the Skills Center website for more details.