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School Year 2023-24 Lots of Opportunities
in the Ballard High School Library

Library Leaders

Students hanging Library Leader sign outside Library

Want to help shape programming at the BHS Library? We make buttons, prepare for Club Rush, create stickers, make Book Bingos. 

Ask Ms Chambers for more info!

Service Learning hours available. Work on projects to build community at BHS. Follow Us! Instagram @bhslibraryleaders

Reading Buddies Read to Elementary Students

Collage of BHS Students reading books to Elementary Students via Teams

There are plenty of ways to share the joy of reading at the BHS Library! 

Do you want to read picture books with 2nd grade students at Magnolia Elementary?

Beaver Reader Reading Buddies earn Service Learning hours as well and read to Elementary Students. Ask Ms Chambers if interested!

Book Clubs!

Beaver Reading a book. Text: Beaver Book Clubs Attend book club (Pride, Comic book and That Dam Book Club. Always recruit new members, Eat yummy food, meet 2x a month

Join a Library Book Club. Attend a Book Club (PRIDE, Comic Book, and That Dam Book Club. Always recruit new members. Eat yummy food. Meets twice a month or weekly at lunch.

Watch for information, ask Ms. Chambers, check them out today!

Hang Out & Read in the Library

Students reading in the BHS library.

More Than Books: TuesD Chambers

At Ballard High School, TuesD Chambers can barely contain her excitement.

TuesD Chambers BHS Librarian-Teacher

TuesD Chambers in Library

Her love for her role as teacher-librarian is evident throughout the library. She has made the room a place where students can connect. There is a room for arts and crafts, areas for clubs to gather, and spaces for classes to meet. 

“What I believe is with any library it has to be more than books,” she said. “Your library has to be the heart of the school for everyone.” 

When the pandemic forced schools to close for nearly a year, Chambers had to get creative to attract students to check out books.

She organized curbside book checkouts – but with a twist. Students with a green thumb could pick up plant starters. One check-out day had a pet parade, and another had a band playing. The excitement around the library continued once schools reopened.

With the help of students, she created a group called Library Leaders. The goal is to build a community where everyone can be included, even if they don’t like to read. “We’ve done everything from ‘Blind Date with Books’ to podcasts to playlists to decorating the library … I learned pretty quickly that a library can’t exist with just one person.” 

Like Robert, Chambers also spends the bulk of her day supporting classrooms. Her library opens early and is usually packed with students before she even arrives. Once school begins, Chambers will spend four or five periods a day co-teaching a class. “I’m constantly doing the things teachers don’t have time to do,” she said. “I’m supporting staff in a way that I hope makes their lives easier and makes it more seamless for students to get resources.” 

Chambers knows the value of her role as Ballard’s teacher-librarian and others throughout the district. She is proud of the way students have found their place and built a community in her library. 

“To me, this is the biggest classroom in the school.” Read full article on the SPS website.

Students! Service Learning Hours Available!

Students have earned Community Service Learning hours for:

  • shelving books, processing books
  • fixing shelves
  • doing computer maintenance
  • reading to 2nd grade students for Reading Buddies
  • organizing our Makerspace
  • creating online tutorials,
  • making scrolling PowerPoint
  • Makerspace craft, projects for lunchtime, make book displays, weed books
  • create book posters on Adobespark
  • create Rubik’s Cube murals
  • read first chapters aloud for Youtube channel and Schoology
  • theme Picture Books, clean the library, and create Book Collections on Ballard High School Library

Reach out to Ms Chambers at for specific details. Visit the BHS Service Learning page for school information and forms.

Students! View your Account For Books, Textbooks and Laptops Checked Out To You

Summer Beaver Reader List | Read S’More This Summer

Read books this summer and share your favorites with Ms. Chambers and your teachers in the Fall! Seattle Public Library Card Number is 990000 and Student ID (on ID card or at top of Source) and PIN is the month and day of your birth MMDD.

Ballard HS Library Virtual Tour

Take the BHS Library Survey!

Let us know how you would like to get involve, what do you like to do. How the library can support you in your search for happiness. Take the BHS Library Survey Today!

Summer Book Bingo

Summer Bingo Card artwork. Person fishing, eyes , sun and bird

Every summer, the Seattle Arts and Lectures partners with The Seattle Public Library to create a Summer Book Bingo card as part of our free summer reading program. Adults 18 & up and Students 0-17 play along from May – September to be entered in a chance to win fabulous prizes. Download a Book Bingo Card

Student Resources

Top Four Books Checked Out!

Book Covers. Text: Heartstopper, Iron Widow, A good girl;s guide to murder, Scythe

Explore National Parks Through Reading

National Park Book Covers

Check these out!

Visit our National Parks reference page.

High School Evergreen Book List 22-23

View the book winners and more Congratulations and details on the Evergreen Book Award site.

Seattle Public Library &

Students have access to a feature with Seattle Public Libraries called that will read students’ papers, help with math questions, and tutor on multiple subjects.

Learn more on the Student Support page.

Parent/Guardian Volunteers 

Parent Volunteers in the Library

Parent/Guardians help our busy library continue to thrive, so please reach out to Ms. Chambers at

We have lots of ways you can learn more about supporting literacy and students at Ballard High School.

Parents Thank You! 
For Supporting Our DonorsChoose Projects

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What is DonorsChooseDonorsChoose Mission: We make it easy for anyone to help a teacher in need, moving us closer to a nation where students in every community have the tools and experiences they need for a great education.