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Welcome to the BHS Library

What’s Happening in the Library

There are daily clubs meeting during lunchtime for students to participate in. Come join along!

Book Cover Collage
Evergreen Teen Book Award Books 22-23
  • Monday | Library Leaders
    • Book Club Room 11:50 a.m. – 12:40 p.m.
    • Create community and share your love of the library with other readers.
  • Tuesday | That Dam Book Club | Meets every other week.
  • Tuesday | Beaver Book Club. Join the discussions on what you like.
  • Wednesday | Comic Book Club
    • Comic Book Club meets at lunch in Mr. Lee’s Classroom.
  • Wednesday | 3D Printing Club
    • The 3D Club meets at lunch in the library!
  • Wednesday | Makerspace Projects! Join us once a month on Wednesdays afterschool for crafting.
  • Thursday | Manga Club | Meets every other week (Jan 19)
    • Meets at lunch in the Makerspace.
    • Talking about manga/anime and buying new manga for the school.
  • Thursday | Horror Book Club | Meets every other week (Jan 26)
    • A Horror Book Club short stories at lunch.
  • Friday | Reading Buddies!
    • Meets at 8 a.m. reading to 1st Grade Students.
  • Friday | Pride Book Club
    • Meets at lunch. Join the discussions!

Help Support Ms. Chambers with DonorsChoose

You can help support Ms. Chambers library classroom through donations on the DonorsChoose page.


Library Collage with students in activities in the library

The BHS Library celebrated the top 10 students who checked out the most books so far. Here are the number of books each of the top 10 students check out: 104, 61, 53, 43, 42, 42, 36, 33, 33, and 17.

Beaver Readers have checked out more than 4,300 titles in 2022!

Students Please Return Your Books or Renew Them if Needed

Stack of Books Return Your Books

Ballard HS students please return the books that you are finished reading to Ballard High School Library.  We need to get them back into our Book Inventory so other students can check them out. We have 100s of holds pending and readers waiting for books. We LOVE to see students reading books they are excited about and you have books other students have requested! 

Of course, if you would like to keep books and finish reading them, please do, just email or come by the circulation counter and we can renew it.  Library hours are Monday-Thursday 8:00-4:45, and Friday 8:00-4:00.  

Please let Ms.Chambers know if you have any questions at  Thank you and HAPPY READING!

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Schoology Information

Log in to Schoology to see what events we have ahead, including some opportunities for community service hours.

Stop by if you are interested in helping the library and making new friends.

Currently Reading…

Shelby and TuesD emoji with books and leaf floating

Ms. Chambers is reading The Electric Kingdom and The Darkness Outside Us

Library view and cart with books

Put Books On Hold

Ballard students you can put books and games on hold on the Library Catalog.

Need Homework Help?

We have tutors available! 
Stop by the Library!

Characters on a compute books, Pencils

Subjects include Math, Science, Writing and College Essays!

Where: Ballard High School Library

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:40 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.

Who: Retired community members offering free, in-person tutoring.

Peter Seitel – Peter has been a long-time Ballard HS tutor and is looking forward to starting back up again after a 2 year Covid pause. He had a career as a Geologist and Geophysicist before becoming an IT consultant and small business owner. He is available to assist students with all Math courses- from Algebra to AP Calculus and first year Physics. He can also assist with ACT/SAT practice.

Peter Glick Peter is a retired Ballard resident and former self-employed restaurateur. 

He is available to work with students in the areas of: Math, Science, Language Arts, Career Counseling, or Personal Finances/Budgeting. He can also teach cooking classes, so reach out if your club would be interested!

Kendra Howe Kendra is semi-retired from a career in marketing where she focused on strategic planning, messaging and writing.  She loves to help people become better communicators, particularly in writing. She is available to work with students on any writing assignment including college essays.

Debby Bacharach Debby is the parent of a current Ballard student. She runs her own writing tutoring business, has run writing centers and taught college writing for thirty years. She can help at any stage of the process: getting started, organizing, developing ideas, transitions, style, grammar, and proofreading. Instead of “fixing” the student’s writing, she will support their progress. (Starting on Dec 6)

Peter Kron Peter is a retired software engineer. He has an undergraduate degree/lifelong interest in Math. His tutoring experience includes working with students at Mathnasium and McDonald International School. He’s available to assist students with Math.

Seattle Public Library and

Separately, students can also access for free online help with other subjects every day 2 – 10 p.m. online. Info Flyer

Ballard High School Library Tour

View the Library Curriculum Night Video and welcome to the Library!

Inspire Reading Donations

Would you like to inspire even more reading? Consider a donation to the Library Donors Choose and/or the BHS Book Drive through Amazon!

More Than Books: TuesD Chambers

At Ballard High School 2022, TuesD Chambers can barely contain her excitement.

TuesD Chambers BHS Librarian-Teacher

TuesD Chambers in Library

Her love for her role as teacher-librarian is evident throughout the library. She has made the room a place where students can connect. There is a room for arts and crafts, areas for clubs to gather, and spaces for classes to meet. 

“What I believe is with any library it has to be more than books,” she said. “Your library has to be the heart of the school for everyone.” 

When the pandemic forced schools to close for nearly a year, Chambers had to get creative to attract students to check out books.

She organized curbside book checkouts – but with a twist. Students with a green thumb could pick up plant starters. One check-out day had a pet parade, and another had a band playing. The excitement around the library continued once schools reopened.

With the help of students, she created a group called Library Leaders. The goal is to build a community where everyone can be included, even if they don’t like to read. “We’ve done everything from ‘Blind Date with Books’ to podcasts to playlists to decorating the library … I learned pretty quickly that a library can’t exist with just one person.” 

Like Robert, Chambers also spends the bulk of her day supporting classrooms. Her library opens early and is usually packed with students before she even arrives. Once school begins, Chambers will spend four or five periods a day co-teaching a class. “I’m constantly doing the things teachers don’t have time to do,” she said. “I’m supporting staff in a way that I hope makes their lives easier and makes it more seamless for students to get resources.” 

Chambers knows the value of her role as Ballard’s teacher-librarian and others throughout the district. She is proud of the way students have found their place and built a community in her library. 

“To me, this is the biggest classroom in the school.” Read full article on the SPS website.

BHS Appreciation Instagram Account

How to Submit an Appreciation Post | Follow These Steps

Email or DM the Appreciation @ballard_appreciation and include the following information. 

Step 1

Give us the name of the person you appreciate! It can be anyone that is part of our school community. If possible give us their Instagram @username so we can tag them in the post!

Step 2

Tell us a little bit about why you’re nominating them for the post. This doesn’t have to be a lot! Just a small “I appreciate so-and-so because they are very helpful when people need it” totally works!

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Give us your Instagram @username. This is completely optional! This is so we can tag or mention you in the caption so your are alerted your nomination has been posted if you email use. Or, you can ask us to keep the nomination anonymous. 

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Give us a background or design for the post. This is also completely optional. When you send us your nomination you can attach a photo of a background or design for the post. For more clarification, the background design used on our image above is the diagonal stripes. Otherwise the creator of the post will choose one.

Step 5

Send!   You can send us your nomination in two different places. The first is to DM us on our Instagram @ballard_appreciation. The second is to email us at Which ever is easier for you!

Thank you!

Congratulations To Ms Chambers!

2019 Washington State Teacher Librarian of the Year!

Visit the Washington Library Association website for more information and a complete list of 2019 WLA Award Winners!

Congratulations Principal Wynkoop!

Ballard High School Library is excited to share that Mr. Wynkoop has won Principal of the Year for Washington State Libraries! Mr. Wynkoop’s unwavering commitment to literacy and the library is evidence in the countless hours he spends in staff and student book clubs and the funding he provides for literacy and resources. His support of new technology (VR and AI) in recognition of the changing landscape of learning is profound and his co-leadership in the Digital Learning Instructional Innovation Cohort is noted and admired. We appreciate everything Mr. Wynkoop does to make the Ballard High School library the place we all want to be.

Beaver Community 2017-18!

I am thrilled to announce we won the $100,000 grant award from Farmer’s Insurance 2017-2018!

The award was unveiled at a faux assembly for 9th graders in 2017 where Ms. Chambers was surprised by her family, district officials and representatives from Farmer’s Insurance. Structural work will take place and equipment will be received sometime in 2018 and we anticipate the Learning Commons being 100% transformed during the 2019-20 school year. Thank you to every one who voted! Our community is the best and it is so, so clear that it is Always Great to be a Beaver!

Thank You BHS Staff

Hands making a heard with hearts around it and BHS Library Loves You