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Academy of Finance (AOF)

What is the Academy of Finance?

The questions:

  • “Why does congress have to raise the debt limit to fund the government?”
  • “How do I keep from drowning in student loans?”
  • “Why not just print more money for the poor?”
  • “Why is everything so expensive?”
  • “Is a strong dollar good or bad?”
  • “Why money anyway?”

Ever ask those questions?

Are you starting to worry about how to pay for college or get a place of your own? Or maybe you just want to know how to take control of your own finances and not have to live paycheck to paycheck these courses may be for you.

About Academy of Finance (AOF)

Ballard’s Academy of Finance (AOF) is a program for students looking interested in a future in business, economics, finance or simply interested in being in control of their own finances or understanding how the economy works. AOF is part of the National Academy Association (NAF).

The core of the program takes place during your Junior and Senior years where you will explore and understand the big picture of how the economy works and affects you through Business Economics (micro-economics) and Business in Global Economy (macro-economics), as well as how it impacts you personally through Principles of Finance (personal finance).

The Academy of Finance connects high school students with the world of financial services, offering a curriculum that covers the Academy of Finance curriculum and certification is being validated by the Council for Economic Education.

In addition to a rigorous and relevant curriculum, students typically have had access to:

  • A paid internship during the summer between junior and senior year
  • Career Conferences both years
  • Interview and resume prep
  • Mentoring by UW Foster School of Business students on projects.
  • Access to our 30 plus professional advisory board from companies such as: K & L Gates, Marriott, Key Bank, KPMG, Inn at the Market among others.
  • College exploratory class at Seattle University
  • Career planning, coaching and training
  • Develop networking & Business communication skills
  • Regular support & mentorship from our professional board
  • Opportunity to create a mentorship relationship.
  • A financial education trip to New York City (Senior Year) visiting Wall street, AOF academy school in Queens, NYC

Students successfully completing all the requirements of the Academy become NAFTrack certified opening scholarship, priority interviewing (now & after college) with partnering firms (Citibank, Marriott, and networking opportunities.

Interest Survey

  1. Fill out the Ballard High School Academy of Finance Interest Survey
  2. Inform your counselor prior to signing up for your 11th grade classes that you wish to be in the Academy of Finance.

Students interested in joining the academy need to fill out the Academy of Finance Interest Survey. This is strictly used to gage interest and help with planning. You will be contacted by an upperclassmen when your survey has been processed.

Academy of Finance Courses

  • Principles of Finance
  • Business Economics
  • Business in a Global Economy
  • Business Management

Sequence of Courses

  • Grade 9 or 10: Take 1 or more: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, or Sports Marketing.
  • Grade 11: Principles of Finance/Business Economics
  • Grade 12: Business in a Global Economy/Business Management

Refer to the BHS Course Catalog for more information on courses offered at Ballard HS.

AOF Resources

Seattle Academies Foundation (SAF)

The Seattle Academies Foundation (SAF) is the professional board that oversees, plans and funds Academy activities such as the Career Conference and NYC trip. They also avail themselves to the students as classroom speakers, mentors and advisors. Their support has made the Academies possible.


NAF Be Future Ready logo

NAF is a national network of education, business, and community leaders who work together to ensure high school students are college, career, and future ready.