Service Learning

Service Learning Information 

The Service Learning Coordinator is Lindsay Squires and she can be reached at: She updates and maintains the monthly Service Learning Opportunities for students. In addition she is available to help students find options that suit their interests. 

Service Learning Requirements
One of the graduation requirements for Seattle Public Schools is * 60 hours of Service Learning. Service learning is giving time, without pay, to a non-profit or government agency. Service learning allows students to learn and to apply academic, social and personal skills through activities. Students make a difference and address authentic community needs. As part of service learning, students are asked to reflect and report on their experiences.

For more information on Ballard HS Service Learning select the Service Learning Program tab to the right of this page.

Service Learning Opportunities

Breaking News Opportunities

  • Seattle Theatre Group (STG) Call For Volunteers. The Seattle Theatre Group is pleased to announce an open call for volunteers for the 2021-2022 season and beyond.  We also have opportunities to earn community service hours for high school students.  To begin the application process and inquire further about the benefits of the STG Volunteer program, email

Want More Service Learning Opportunities? Check These Out!


Students should only participate in an opportunity they feel is safe to them. 

BHS only shares these postings and does not endorse any of these businesses.


Important Service Learning Reminders: Service Learning involves learning, benefiting the community and a written reflection.  Service Learning must be done at a non-profit or governmental organization, the work must be unpaid, and your supervisors must be an adult. If you have any questions, see the Service Learning Coordinator or your Counselor before you start your Service Learning.  

  • Who can sign my Service Learning Documentation Form? A supervisor or site contact from a non-profit or governmental organization must sign your SL Documentation Form. A family member or peer  cannot sign  your Service Form.  
  • Where do I turn in my Service Hours Documentation?  Fully completed SL documentation can be emailed to Lindsay Squires at Be sure to attach your completed Service Learning Documentation Form (both sides) and attach any paperwork (letters, certificates, etc) given during your Service Learning and make sure paperwork is signed.
  • When is the SL Documentation due for Seniors to earn the Above and Beyond Service Learning Award (240 or more hours).   If students already have 240 or more hours turned in, they do not need to do anything else in order to receive the award. Hours beyond the required 60 do not appear on The Source. To keep track of SL hours beyond 60, contact Lindsay Squires at
  • When is the Academic Awards Night? The Virtual Academic Awards Night is held in June. Students who are awarded the Above and Beyond Service Learning award will be listed in the Academic Program and receive a medallion.  
  • When is the Graduation Ceremony?  The BHS Graduation Ceremony will be posted as soon as the information is released.  

Summer Hours

Summer hours that students complete that meet the service-learning requirement can be counted toward the 60-hour graduation requirement, except for incoming freshmen who can claim only 15 service learning hours in the summer before they start at Ballard HS .   

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