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Welcome to the Ballard HS Grade Level Resources and Student Check Lists. In addition to the graduation required information posted below please refer to the grade specific Student Check List and Information as well.

Grade Level Overviews

Freshman or Sophomore or Junior or Senior

Become College and Career Ready

A Career is more than just a job. Career ready is to be a life-long learner. Ballard HS and Seattle Schools are dedicated to supporting students exploration of interests, strengths and skills that will support them in the future. Career preparation is a combination of course work, knowledge, employ-ability and self-management skills.  Seattle Schools offers a variety of ways for students to experience a variety of activities that support the development of personal Career goals. 

In order to help students learn to set goals, identify solutions, explore careers and plan for career training opportunities, students will complete their High School and Beyond Plan using Naviance.

The High School and Beyond Plan, helps student identify opportunities and meet graduation requirements while aligning with the students’ career interests.


Naviance is part of the High School and Beyond Plan a Graduation Requirement.

As a part of our High School and Beyond Plan, students use Naviance to explore colleges and career paths, analyze skills and talents and help them stay on track to reach academic goals. Naviance fosters post-high school planning communication and collaboration for students, counselors and families.

College Readiness

There are many steps students should take to be prepared for college. From Advanced Placement courses and Running Start to school-day SAT, we have gathered some resources to help students learn about options that have during high school. Learn more on the district’s College Readiness page.

Four Year Timeline for Applying to College

Career Readiness

Through Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses, Seattle Skills Center and other learning experiences, our district is helping prepare students for life after high school graduation. Learn about Career readiness.

Visit the Ballard HS individual student pages (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) for important events, deadlines & upcoming information for students, parents and guardians.

What are Colleges Looking For? 

Solid Academic Core (rigor, grades, trends), Test Scores, Activities, Essays, Recommendations, Enthusiasm for school, and Perseverance.

Helpful Hints

  1. Create an organization system with requirements and deadlines
  2. Complete profile section ahead of time when possible
  3. Refine activities list
  4. Don’t wait until the last minute!

Ballard HS Counseling Center News

Students and families visit the Counseling Center Overview page often for upcoming student events, opportunities and more!

View the Ballard HS Online Student Handbook for specific helpful school information for families.


Helpful Handouts – Handouts are posted as they become available. Please contact the Ballard Counseling Office at 206-252-1014 or email the BHS Website Editor Diane Taylor at if you need help with locating, downloading or accessing a PDF.