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Student Check Lists By Grade 9, 10, 11 & 12

Grade 10 Sophomore

Welcome BHS Sophomores!

Class Spirit Color is White

College and Career Preparation Checklists

Use these monthly checklists to make sure you are doing everything necessary to make the most of your sophomore year.

  • Review your course schedule – take the most challenging and appropriate classes for your abilities.
  • Continue to be involved in extracurricular activities – balance fun and academics. This will help you stay focused in class as well as explore your interests. Remember to keep track of what you participate in on your resume.
  • Review all the resources and supports at school to help you be successful in and out of classes.
  • Review your interests and goals – current and future.
  • Register and Pay for AP Exams (if applicable).
  • Potentially take the PSAT – Preliminary SAT if available. This is a practice exam for regular SAT you may have to take in order to apply to college. Taking the PSAT will prepare you for the SAT and allow you to be considered for national scholarships based upon your scores. Also follow the deadlines for registration if you are interested in taking the ACT exam.
  • Attend the National College Fair in Seattle (November). Visit to learn more about the details. You can learn about hundreds of colleges in one place.
  • Attend 2 or 4 year college and post high school program options representatives visiting Ballard HS Counseling Center throughout the year.
  • Keep your grades up – use any resources avaialble to help you get the most out of your classes.
  • Continue thinking about interests and goals for the future and share with people who support you.
  • Make the end of the 1st Semester a good one – keep studying/working.
  • Talk about your plans – Meet with your counselor to discuss your college plans.
  • Stay focused – continue to do well in your courses. Sophomore year grades are important and colleges strongly consider your performance and your growth.
  • New Semester – review what went well and what did not from 1st Semester and make the adjustments to be successful in 2nd Semester.
  • Review your High School and Beyond Plan in Naviance
  • Obtain your high school transcript and graduation checklist for review
  • Plan your classes for the next year – research new opportunities like Advanced Placement (AP) Classes, Running Start, Skills Center Programs. Check in with your Counselor.
  • Review your relationships with your teachers – they are a source of help now and future recommendations.
  • Stay focused and use resources to keep grades up.
  • Select your schedule for the Junior year and make sure that you continue to challenge yourself and take the necessary academic courses for graduation and college.
  • Finish your classes on a positive note.
  • AP Classes & Running Start – Think about taking AP Class (if offered), or Running Start classes during your Junior and Senior year. This will help you prepare for college and can allow you to earn college credit.
  • Check grades and keep working hard.
  • Review your resume using the High School and Beyond Planning Tool (Naviance) to help.
  • Start researching summer opportunities including internships, jobs, volunteer work, summer programs, classes etc.
  • Take AP Exams if appropriate and in AP courses.
  • Finish out your classes on a positive note.
  • Think about interests, goals and opportunities you ant to pursue next year and make appropriate plans.
  • Explore post high school options in the summer by making campus visits, ask questions, research online information, and start gathering information too.
  • College Visits – Explore your college options and visit the ones you think you might want to attend. Take a campus tour, visit with the admissions office, and talk with current students – make the most of your time.
  • Summer Opportunities – Look for summer activities, such as jobs, internships, or volunteer opportunities.


Resources are posted as they become available.

Service Learning Information

Please Note: Any hours completed during the summers between 9th and 10th grade and also 10th and 11th grade that meet the Service Learning requirement can be counted toward the 60-hour graduation requirement. Visit the Service Learning page for more information and current month Service Learning Opportunities.

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