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ORCA Card, Shuttle & Parking


Ice and Snow Routes & Remote Learning Details

If snow and ice conditions impact school operations, a robocall and an email notification will be sent out in SchoolMessenger between 5-6 a.m. Snow routes differ from regular routes. They have been designed to make sure bus stops are on main roads that the SDOT will prioritize to keep clear of snow and ice. The bus stop may be in a different location from your student’s regular bus stop. 

ORCA Card Ordering/Register Instructions

New! We still have some ORCA Cards in the BHS Main Office if students would like to pick one up!

The district is no longer managing ORCA cards for students. Metro will be handing all youth ORCA Card requests.

City view, Bus ORCA Card

Student ORCA cards issued to SPS students in the 2021-22 school year will continue working through 2022-23, even if there is an expiration date printed on the back but students must Register ORCA Cards by June 30, 2023.

If your student does not have an ORCA card or lost their card, they can request an ORCA card or get a replacement card. Learn more on the district website.

While students wait for their cards from Metro, they may simply flash their student ID, to a Metro operator or Sound Transit Fare Ambassador, or if a student does not have a student ID, they may ride without one and will not be denied ridership.

Problems? Call the ORCA Regional Call Center at 1-888-988-6722 / TTY Relay: 771. Non-English: 1-800-823-9230 during regular business hours M-F from 8am-5pm PST (closed weekends and holidays). Visit

Visit the SPS ORCA Card page for district updates and read more about the Free Youth Transit Pass on the King County website. Refer to the Ballard HS Transportation page for more information on Biking, Walking and Parking at school.

Problems? Call the ORCA Regional Call Center at 1-888-988-6722 / TTY Relay: 771. Non-English: 1-800-823-9230 during regular business hours M-F from 8am-5pm PST (closed weekends and holidays).

Visit the SPS ORCA Card page for district updates and read more about the Free Youth Transit Pass on the King County website.

Magnolia Shuttle Bus Information
Morning Only Shuttle Route 1007-T

The Transportation Department is offering supplemental shuttle service at some locations for the 22-23 school year.

Shuttle Route 1007-T

Stop #1 8:01 a.m. 34th Ave W @ W Elmore St (NW Corner)

Stop #2 8:06 a.m. 34th Ave W @ W Armour St (NW Corner)

Stop #3 8:11 a.m. 28th Ave W @ W Hayes St (NW Corner)

Stop #4 8:17 a.m. 15th Ave W @ W Dravus St (NE Corner)

Note: Some students take the #31 Metro bus in Magnolia to the D-Line south of the Magnolia Bridge on 15th Ave to school if this is an option to look into for your student. 

If you have questions about district Shuttle Service, please contact transportation by phone at 206-252-0900 or by email to Visit the district Shuttle Route Information page for updates.

Student Parking Reminders

Students may not park on the school premises. The front Parking Lot off NW 65th Street is for administration and visitors (two-hour limit) only.

The Ballard HS Staff Parking Lot, on the north end of campus off NW 67th Street, is for BHS Staff and Ballard Pool visitors only.

Tickets may be issued to cars parked illegally.

There is some street parking available in the neighborhood, but please be respectful of neighbors.

Metro Reminders

Always wear a mask while riding and waiting at the bus stop. The mask should fit above your nose, below your chin, and snugly against your face.

Allow extra time to reach school and when leaving school. Some bus trips might be too full to carry more riders because of required physical distancing. Metro is working to add bus service where possible.

Your safety is our top priority. Metro currently requires masks, has passenger limits and physical distancing, disinfects daily, encourages contact-less payment, and has upgraded air filters on all buses. 

District Updates


Seattle Public Schools provides free transportation for students who live within their school attendance area but outside the school’s walk zone.

If a student is placed in a program, such as deaf and hard of hearing services, that is not available in your neighborhood (attendance) area school, transportation is usually provided. 

Transportation Eligibility Guidelines

  • Elementary and K-8 schools have a 1-mile walk boundary. Eligible students are provided service primarily on yellow school buses.
  • Middle schools have a 2-mile walk boundary. Service is either by yellow school bus or ORCA card for the Metro.
  • High schools have a 2-mile walk boundary. Service is provided with an ORCA card.

Use our school attendance and option school transportation area maps to see if your child is eligible for transportation. 

Safe Routes to School

Biking and walking are great ways to get to school. Use the City of Seattle interactive map to find safe walking and biking routes to your school.

Walk, Bike, and Roll to School

Walking, biking, and rolling to school supports exercise, reduces pollution, and connects neighbors. Studies even show students arrive at school more attentive and ready to learn. Visit this page for resources to support you in walking, biking, and rolling to school.

Delayed Bus

Bus routes are sometimes delayed due to traffic, weather, construction, or other situations.

If your bus is late, we recommend your student stay at the bus stop. Please create a plan and discuss with your student what to do if their bus is late.

View today’s bus routes that are reported as running at least 15 minutes late.