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Science Course Progression

Course Progression Chart 21-22

Graphical Flow Chart of Science Course Progression  Envirn Horticulture, Botany, Oceanography, AP Envrn Science, Phy B Chem B Chem B Chem C | L = Biology A/B Phys A Chem A | Biotech Biology, Biotech Chem, AP Biology, AP Chem, Biotech Genetics

BHS Science Course Progression Notes 2022 – 2023

• All 9th graders (except HCC or Biotech Academy students) will be enrolled in Biology A/B

• Biotech Biology and Biotech Chemistry are for Biotech Academy students only. Biotech Genetics is available to non-Academy students on a space-available basis if they have completed Chem B/Chem C

• Phys B/Chem B does not fulfill the prerequisite requirement for AP Chem or Biotech Genetics. Students must complete Chem B/Chem C or Biotech Chem in order to register for AP Chem or Biotech Genetics

* Recommended to have completed Algebra 2a/2b before taking this course

** Counts as a science or a CTE course

As of 2/7/22