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Course Selection Online Instructions

Submitting Your Course Requests Online Via the Source

Registration Window for Current SPS
Grade 8 Students April 17 – 26

• Use your copy of your completed paper Course Selection/Registration Worksheet
• Know your STUDENT Source login. Parent logins do not work for course registration.
• Review the online Ballard HS Course Catalog.

Online Course Selection Instructions

1. Login to your Student account on The Source.

2. Select “Class Registration” in the left column, to view the course categories.

STOP! Read the remainder of the directions below before proceeding with choosing requests

3. Select the “Pencil” icon to view the individual course options. Scroll to the bottom of each section; there may be more than one page available. Courses are listed alphabetically, with Seattle School District course descriptions. For Ballard-specific course descriptions and prerequisites refer to the Ballard HS Course Catalog.

4. Next to the “Pencil” icon
you will see a Green Check Mark or Red Exclamation Point. The Red Exclamation Point means this is a required course or you made an entry error (e.g. too many or too few courses selected).

5. To Select a Course, click anywhere on the row – the row will turn blue. Select “Okay” at the bottom right of the page. To unselect a course, click anywhere on the blue row and update your choice. Select “Okay” at the bottom right of the page. Confirm the online course title with your completed Course Selection Planning Worksheet to be sure you have the matching Semester 1 and Semester 2 for year-long courses (e.g. Choose Algebra 2A and Algebra 2B). Based on your completed Course Selection Planning Worksheet, you should have 12 primary semester requests which equals 6 credits.

Please Note:

  • You must choose an alternate for each of your electives just as you did on your form.
  • Current 10th grade students wanting the Humanities Block (Ethnic Studies American Lit & Ethnic Studies US History) next year, must choose an alternate for Lang Arts and Social Studies in case you don’t get a spot in Humanities. There is a section for you to do this online.
  • Current 11th grade students who choose AP Literature & Comp, English 111 (yearlong), or English 111/ C LIT 240 as their primary choice, must choose an alternate. There is a section for you to do this online.
  • All students entering grades 11 & 12 must choose an alternate for their science choice. Space is limited in some of our upper-level sciences. If you don’t get your first choice, we need to know your 2nd science choice.
  • Courses Allowing Repeat Requests – this category allows you to choose listed courses more than once a year. (e.g. To request a full year/semester 1 and semester 2 of Weight Training, choose Weight Training under BOTH Semester Electives and Courses Allowing Repeat Requests.)
  • Additional Requests – this category is completed by counselors.

6. Once you have selected all your course requests, Select Submit on the bottom right of the page. You will see either a list of your successful course requests OR a Submission Failed Error Message. Reasons for Error Messages include: Chose too many in one category (e.g. 3 semesters of English classes), you chose too few or too many total classes. You should have 6 requested credits. We recommend saving that final screen of course requests for your records via photo or pdf.

7. To edit your requests after you have submitted, select “Class Registration” again (See Step 2) and follow the same instructions. ALWAYS SELECT SUBMIT on the bottom right of the page to save your changes. You may edit your online registration during the designated registration time for your graduating class.        

Your Online Course Request Data Will Be Used To Create Your Class Schedule For 2024-2025

Printed copies may be requested if families are unable to access remotely by emailing the Counseling Secretary Carol Bristol at or 206-252-1014.

As of April 2, 2024