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The BHS PTSA Weekly Newsletter is a PTSA member volunteer run informational newsletter that is emailed to subscribed families, students and staff with important details on sports, clubs, counseling news, performing arts, community news and more!

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PTSA Newsletter Editor: Gloria Kruzner; with School Content/Proofing: Diane Taylor;
PTSA Special Edition Stand Alones: Chuck Fuller;
PTSA Social Media: Gloria Kruzner; and
Social Media (FB Class of 2023): Diane Taylor;

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If you are not receiving the newsletter or want to add a second or student email address or a designated Performing Arts group please complete the information (students grade, name) and subscribe now!

Please note if you “unsubscribe to either the PTSA or the Ballard Performing Arts newsletters at any time you will be unsubscribed to both newsletters

Announcement for the BHS PTSA Newsletter?

Submit content (appropriate and relevant to Ballard High School or Community) by 5 p.m. Thurs. (1 or 2 weeks in advance ) to the BHS Newsletter Editor at Submit posts no more than 100 words, include relevant URLs, contact info and a small graphic (if available). Editor has full discretion over what is published. The BHS PTSA provides Community Resources for purely informational purposes and does not necessarily support the activities or views presented therein.