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    Welcome Ballard HS Freshman! Your Class Color is Grey

    Hey Freshman! It's Cecile Turner (Bal 011), reporter on the Yearbook Back to School Spread!  Since school isn't in person, we've been struggling coming up with what to cover in the yearbook. Going back to school is focused highly on the freshman, especially since it is y'all's first year here! Us in the yearbook back to school team, would love to interview one, or a few of you on your experience starting a new school all online. The interview would be about 5-10 questions long and take up about 5-10 minutes of your time. We can lead the interview however you prefer! This includes distanced in person, over facetime, over a phone call, over text, or over email. Please let us in the yearbook back to school team know if you would like to help us and participate in this interview! You have a chance to be featured in the 2020-2021 Ballard yearbook! Let us know! We need you guys! Thanks so much! -Cecile Turner (Bal 011) Yearbook, Back to School Spread | Email the Shingle staff at:

    Ballard HS 9th Grade Welcome 


    BHS Counselors

    Students are assigned to counselors by the first letter of their last name. Counselors work with students to explain the credit system, help students select courses, monitor progress toward achieving graduation requirements, explore interests, and make plans for college application and career options. Visit the BHS Counseling Center page for important information for students with upcoming events and opportunities.