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    Ballard HS Attendance Office

    Hours for April thru June 2021: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Alice March, Attendance Secretary | Phone:
    206-252-1009 | Email:

    Parents/Guardians can report absences by sending an email to the Ballard HS Attendance Office at:

    Attendance Policy for Hybrid Schedule starting April 19, 2021

    1. Attendance will be taken: For remote learning, the same attendance guidance that has been used throughout the 2020-21 school year will apply. For in-person learning, the previous in-person attendance policy used before the pandemic will resume. Tardiness, excused absences, and unexcused absences will apply if students do not arrive at school in-person and/or on-time. However, we know that this is not school “as normal” and are working to support families.

    2. Afternoon sessions are NOT optional: We’ve heard from families that there is some confusion around if afternoon sessions are optional for both in-person or remote learning. Attendance is required for the afternoon sessions for all students.

    Remote Learning Attendance Procedures, Ballard HS, 20-21

    We want to help while Students and their families adapt to Remote Learning. If a student is having difficulty with the adjustment or has any questions, please contact their Teacher or Counselor for help. Use the green “Staff” button located at top of the website for contact information for Ballard HS Counselors and Teachers.

    Definition of absence from remote learning

    Student did not participate in planned instructional activities on a scheduled remote learning day, evidence of student participation may include daily logins, interactions with the teacher including emails, phone calls or video chats, evidence of participation in an assignment.

    Afternoon In-Person Attendance Procedures | April - June 2021

    Early Dismissals

    Early Dismissals need to be excused in advance. Please email the Attendance Office the Reason, Date and Time of the Early Dismissal and we will forward the request to the student’s teacher at the time of the Early Dismissal. Please note if the student will be returning to school. Students leaving early for valid reasons will be excused.

    Late Arrivals

    For Late Arrivals please email the Attendance Office with the Reason for the student arriving late the teacher will be notified. Students arriving late for valid reason will be excused. Students not in the classroom when class begins will be marked “Absent.” If a student is less than ten minutes late their “Absent” will be changed to “Late.” When a student is more than ten minutes late they will be counted as “Absent.”

    Hybrid Attendance Policy | Both In-Person and Remote Attendance

    Pre-Planned Absences

    For pre-planned absences of two or more days send an email to all the student’s Teachers and the Attendance Office at least three days before the absence begins. Include Student’s First and Last Name, Date absence begins and ends and the reason for the absence.

    Excused Absence Reasons

    Illness and Health Conditions, Medical Appointments including dental and counseling appointments. COVID-19 related absences. Family Emergencies, Religious or cultural including religious or cultural holidays and instruction. Court or court ordered activity. Absences directly related to student’s homeless or migrant status. Safety concerns including threats, assaults, or bullying.

    Unexcused Absences

    Family trips or vacations, unknown reasons and absences that do not meet the excused absence criteria.

    Please email the Ballard HS Attendance Office with details of the absence so it can be determined whether the absence can be excused. Regardless of the reason for the absence please report to the Attendance Office so we are aware of the student’s absence.

    School Messenger Calls & Emails

    School Messenger sends automated attendance calls and emails to notify parents/guardians of student absences. If you have not already emailed the Ballard HS Attendance Office regarding the absence you can reply to the School Messenger email to excuse the absence. Please do not respond to School Messenger if you have already emailed the Attendance Office. Absences can’t always be excused before the School Messenger calls and sends emails.

    Attendance Errors

    If your child was marked absent by mistake, please contact the teacher that marked them absent. The Teacher's permission is needed to remove an absence. The Teacher has 48 hours to make the correction, or they can contact The Attendance Office to make the correction.

    Seattle Schools Attendance Policy

    You can also refer to the Seattle Public Schools District website, Directory > Departments > Attendance for more information.

    Alice, Ballard HS Attendance Secretary