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School ID Pictures Instructions

Ballard HS Photo Days

Students will get their photo taken with their language arts or world history classes. Running Start students can come either day at any time. Photo days were Sept 7 & 8. Make up day was at the end of September and Retake day is Oct 24.

Al students will be photographed, no purchase required.

  • School ID/Activity Card – Distributed at school after picture day.
  • Yearbook – Smile and look your best!
    • Note: Seniors can submit a Senior Portrait by Oct 31, 2023 to be used in the Yearbook instead of the Student ID Picture.
  • School and District Records – Must adhere to standards. No hats, sunglasses, etc.
  • Your Personal Use – Share with Friends & Family!

How to View and Order School Photos

All photos can be viewed and ordered AFTER picture day. All orders will be mailed directly home. Students will receive a photo taken with information to order and select a favorite picture for the yearbook!

Student ID Cards will be handed out at Ballard HS a couple weeks after picture day.

If you can’t locate your handout, visit Rowland Studio GotPhoto and use the School Picture Code Lookup link.

Contact Rowland Studio with any questions or 206-522-7171.

Please note that it may take up to a week for all photos to be processed and uploaded for viewing and ordering. All print packages, photo products, and digital copies will be available to purchase through the site.

For any questions, please contact Rowland Studio at