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Transcript Requests

Official and Unofficial Transcripts

An Official Transcript is one that is sent through official channels directly from BHS staff to a college or university.

An Unofficial Transcript is one that can be e-mailed directly to you for your use on your application. For details of how to submit your transcript to each school you are applying to, go to the college admissions website of the school you are applying to find out how they want this information.

Requesting a Transcript Guidelines

  • If you need an unofficial transcript, please email Ms. Bristol; to request one.
  • If your application is on Common App & Coalition platform, add your School Counselor to your profile on the platform. Your school counselor will send your transcript for you directly through that platform (depending on the school – i.e. UW does not require a transcript).
  • If the first two options do not apply, request your transcripts through Naviance. Visit the district Naviance page if you want to know more about Naviance.

Former Students and/or Employees Seeking Graduation Verification

Former Ballard HS Students and/or Employees seeking graduation verification, if it has been more than 2 years since you’ve graduated or withdrew from Ballard High School, please contact Seattle Public Schools Student Records online or via phone 206-252-0139.

Visit the district School Records webpage for additional details and information.