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Student Naviance Transcript Request

To Request Transcripts on Naviance

Once students had favorited a college by clicking the heart icon, only students are eligible to request transcripts to be sent. Transcripts can be sent to all non-common app schools including UW and other Coalition app schools.

Requesting Transcripts

Naviance Screen shot Heart with Colleges I'm thinking about

Step 1

From the Naviance home screen, select Colleges and “College I’m Thinking About”. 

Step 2

Naviance Screen shot Move to Application List highlighted

Select the box next to each school where transcripts should be sent.

Naviance screen shot Add and Request Transcripts

Step 3

Select Request Transcripts

Make sure the deadline is correct and You have set application to Direct to institution.

Step 4

Naviance screen shot Request and Finish

Review the request and select the correct type of transcript, additional materials, and location transcript should be sent.

Step 5

Select Request and Finish.