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BHS Running Start Checklist

Ballard HS Running Start Checklist

Below are the steps for students who wish to apply to Running Start for next school year 2024-2025. These steps should be completed by the end of May to ensure priority registration for college classes. 

Check each college website for specific dates & deadlines

  1. Attend a BHS Running Start Information Session.
    • Information sessions will be held every Wednesday in March 2024: March 6, 13, 20, 27, at lunchtime in Room S217.
  2. Decide which two-year college you want to attend.
    • You may choose any community or technical college in Washington State, but MUST be able to transport yourself there.
  3. Register as a Running Start student at the school you wish to attend.
    • Each college will outline their procedure for registering as a Running Start student on their website. Follow their specific step-by-step instructions.
  4. Take the placement test(s) for English and Math.
    • You must take the English placement test (or use alternate method for placement) in order to do Running Start. You only need to take the Math placement test if you plan to take math at Running Start. For more information about the placement tests check your college Running Start website.
  5. Read and sign the BHS Running Start agreement form and return it to your school counselor.
  6. Decide if you will do Running Start full-time or part-time (hybrid). 
    • Create a proposed schedule of your classes for the fall. Look at your college website for their Fall class schedule to find classes. Consider timing so that if part-time, your BHS and Running Start classes don’t overlap. 
  7. Fill out your Enrollment Verification Form (RSEVF) with the college classes you intend to take. 
  8. Once you have completed ALL the above steps, contact your high school counselor to finalize your class schedule. 
    • Once your schedule is finalized, your counselor will sign your EVF.
  9. Submit all completed Running Start documents, including the Enrollment Verification Form, via e-mail to the college (following their procedure).
    • You will register with the help of the Running Start Advisor at your college, likely via a virtual group registration session.