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Senior Year Planning for 23-24

The first place to find information and answers to your questions is to go to the Counseling Center News page as well as explore all of the information posted on the Applying to College webpage.

You will find information, links and steps to completing the college application process and more!

4-Year College/University Applications

Common Application

  • One application sent to all schools that use it.
  • Student requests recommendations from teachers and counselor through the application.
  • Counselor completes the Secondary School Report includes g.p.a, class rank, and recommendation.
  • BHS reports weighted rank (decile/percent), unweighted G.P.A. (4.0 highest)
  • Transcript is attached electronically by counselor (no paper copy needed.)

Coalition Application University of Washington uses this application.

College/University specific application: Go to the school’s website for more information.

Letters of Recommendations for College

  1. Counselors will not prepare letters of recommendation without students completing the LOR form. Complete the Letter of Recommendation Student Information Sheet online.
  2. Ask teachers first if they would be willing to write you a recommendation. Please note: The Letter of Recommendation Form is ONLY to be used for the Counselors. Teachers may want a student’s resume but that varies by teacher.

Complete the Letter of Recommendation Form for Counselors 2 weeks before your earliest application is due.

Class Rank

On a weighted scale, will be given as a decile (i.e. top 10%, top 20%, etc.), available October 1.

Contact Ms. Bristol, Counseling Secretary at or come see her in the Counseling Office.

ACT or SAT Test Scores

Most colleges and universities are test optional and not using scores as part of the application process. If you choose to send your scores, you must order and send them directly to the colleges/universities from your ACT or SAT account.

NCAA Eligibility Center

If you are considering participation in athletics at the university level (NCAA), you need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Seattle Promise and 2-Year College Applications

  1. Seattle Promise | Visit the Seattle Promise
  2. All Seniors should complete application for free 2 years at North, Central or South Seattle Colleges.

Technical/Trade School or Program

Visit the Washington State Community and Technical Colleges site for information about community and technical colleges and programs of study.


Visit the Todays Military site for more information and help.

Gap Year

Visit the Go Overseas site for more information and assistance.