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Yapping Club (Postcast) Students Send Us Your Stories!

Summary: Share your stories!

Students! Have a Story to Tell?

The Ballard HS Library and Ms. Chambers are excited to introduce UW Graduate student Andrew Quinn and Ballard HS student Cove Brammer. They are all reimagining how we do podcasts at Ballard High School. 

Yapping Club (Podcast)

BHS Cove Brammer started a BHS ASB Podcast Club called the Yapping Club, which meets on Fridays during lunch (11:50 – 12:40 p.m,) to give a platform to students who want a voice on a podcast and to share information.

Cove is collaborating this semester with Andrew Quinn, who is a Library Science and Information graduate student from the University of Washington. They are both partnering with the ASB Club Teacher Advisor and School Librarian, Ms. Chambers, to collect and share non-fiction stories through a podcast. Storytelling is a powerful tool that is accessible to all of us. Your story can help build connections and stir emotions with your words. The only requirement is that the story is true. They are hoping to inspire all Beaver Reader students to participate in a podcasting momentum by filling out the Online Form.

Complete the Online Form & Share Your Story

The survey QR code is also posted on flyers around BHS. Thanks for your input!

Current Classroom Podcasts

  • Ethnic Studies and Social Studies Grade 11 students in Mr. Subido, Ms. Lehni, Ms. Russell, Mr. Morean, Ms. Dowdy and Mr. Moss’ classes are currently studying the Harlem Renaissance and as a class project they will be creating podcasts. The students will use the free software tool Adobe Podcast and the two microphones ready to use. Students will start experimenting soon and working their projects. 

Upcoming BHS Student Podcasts
(and Staff too!)

  • This could be you!
    • It would be awesome for students (and staff too) to complete the Online Story Form and help create stories that they are passionate about sharing.

Questions? Email Cove at or Andrew at or Teacher Advisor Ms. Chambers at

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