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PTSA Winter General Meeting Recap

Summary: PTSA Speaker Recap and Resources

PTSA Speakers

Thanks to the group of parents and guardians who joined us Thursday for our Winter PTSA General Meeting on Feb. 15. Thanks also to our speakers, licensed therapists Charlie Delavan and Caleb Visser, who reminded parents to honor teens’ subjective experience of the world, and to practice mindfulness.

Our Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Committee planned a great program. We have invited Licensed Therapists Charlie Delavan and Caleb Visser to learn about teen brain development and skills for self regulation. Additional information is available on the Gifted Together website.


View Caleb Visser’s presentation as well the Mindfulness handout is available on the PTSA Newsletter.

More About the General Meeting Speakers

Charlie Delavan

Charlie Delavan MS, MA, LMFT

Charlie received her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from SPU in 2017.

She particularly enjoys working with families around issues such as anxiety and depression, identity development, self-awareness and personal growth, and social skills. 

Caleb Visser

Caleb Visser MA, LMHC, MACP Caleb received his Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. His focus is  with adolescents and teens, with work in a residential foster home, two years working for the Cowlitz Tribe, and as a contracted position in a local high school.

He is heavily influenced by the work of Daniel Siegel (The Whole-Brained Child, Mindsight, Brainstorm) and feels that the teenage years present a special window of opportunity for learning greater insight and empathy, as well as skills for self regulation.

Any questions reach out to the BHS PTSA Family & Community Engagement (FACE): Victoria Watson;

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