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Summary: Students! Check out the MakerSpace in the BHS Library

Ballard HS Library MakerSpace Information

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Join Us!

mak * er * space Noun: a place where people can come together to create or invent things, either using traditional crafts or technology: Bring your projects along to the BHS Library MakerSpace.

Welcome Capstone Students – Bringing Creativity and Collaboration

3 students at table with crafts.

Welcome University of Washington Capstone students to the BHS Library MakerSpace! Connor, Emma and Anna! They are thrilled to announce the reopening of the BHS Library MakerSpace, a hub for creativity, collaboration, and community-building!

Look for flyers around Ballard HS announcing projects and activities in the BHS Library MakerSpace.

Current Project & Activity List

  • Valentine Crafts
    • Ongoing fun in the BHS Library MakerSpace.

BHS Library MakerSpace Announcements

TuesD Chamber Photo. Text: Meet Teacher Librarian @lifeoflibrarians
  • Open Schedule: The BHS Library MakerSpace is open on Mon (11:50 – 12:40 p.m.) , Wed (12:05 – 12:55 p.m.), and Thurs (11:50 – 12:40 p.m.) during lunch, for all students to have a dedicated time to explore creativity and connect with friends through March 25, 2024.
  • Open Space for Creativity: The BHS Library MakerSpace is designed to be an open environment for students to have lunch, get creative, and build a sense of community: work on projects, join activities, or simply hang out, the BHS MakerSpace is the place to be!
  • Flexible Activities: Students! Bring your projects or use the space to unwind and relax. The BHS Library MakerSpace is a flexible and inclusive environment.
  • Monthly In-Depth Workshops: Watch for monthly workshops that will delve into various crafts to learn new skills or explore interests.
  • BHS Clubs! Partnership Opportunities: BHS Clubs can work and collaborate in the BHS Library MakerSpace too!
    • Stop by or reach out to Connor Franklin Rey at
3 students at table with crafts.
Bulletin Board with posts.
MakerSpace BHS Library Logo
Student working at a table in the library.
TuesD Chamber Photo. Text: Meet Teacher Librarian @lifeoflibrarians
Heart hand fortune teller.
Bulletin board with craft items. Text: Make It

Follow! Watch the @ballardhsmakerspace and the @beaverreadersbhs on Instagram for more info and updates of upcoming projects!

Anna Kleinbach (she/her)
Connor Franklin Rey (they/them)
Emma Wynne (she/they)

Information School Capstone University of Washington

Learn more about the MakerSpace at Ballard High School

With students turning to school libraries as a space for time away from the more academic aspects of school, MakerSpaces are increasingly popular. Five high schools in the Seattle Public School

District (SPS) currently have resources dedicated to MakerSpace activities. MakerSpaces provide students with a creative outlet and opportunities for de-stressing, social emotional learning, and collaboration. This project set out to design facilitated and unfacilitated projects and programming for students at Ballard High School through the library MakerSpace. Informed by student feedback, the result is a project bank of activities, kits and workshops that can be used in MakerSpaces anywhere. ~ University of Washington.

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