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Ballard Students Featured on District “Ignite School Spirit” News & First Bell

Summary: District School Spirit and Ballard HS students.

Ignighting School Spirit

Get ready! Students from Ballard High School and other SPS schools are taking over SPS’s news broadcast, “First Bell,” on Wednesday, October 18, 2023.

This First Bell episode features students around the district including Ballard High School with Semai H. and Nina A. (00:06 – 00:11 & 2:20 – 3:05) as well as (04:22 – 4:36) with Semai listing all the ways students can show school spirit with participating in school government, even dressing up for spirit days and students reaching out to their Activity Coordinators to find out more.

Watch the latest edition of “First Bell,” the SPS news broadcast. “First Bell” which highlights all the great work happening in our district and keeps you informed on important announcements. 

District Article Highlight!

Ballard High School

The district website is featuring an “Igniting School Spirit article. Students share how participating in spirit activities and showing your pride can enhance school experience.

Nina A.

“At Ballard High School, Nina A is one busy beaver. The junior is involved in student government, Link Crew, lacrosse, choir and is a member of the cheerleading squad. She’s also the school mascot, Bucky the Beaver. For Nina, participating in school activities – especially being the school mascot – deepens her connections and gives her a sense of pride. ” 

“I can be walking, and they’ll be like, ‘Bucky!’ and I’ll get a high five, or I’ll get a hug, and I’m like, this is awesome because they don’t even know who they’re talking to, but they just know that they love this thing,” Nina said. “It does give me a sense of pride in that I feel like I get to be connected with everyone no matter what and no matter who they are.”  

The video broadcasts are a version of the district’s newsletter, “School Beat,” which will continue to be emailed to families monthly.

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