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BHS PTSA Roles Needed For School Year 2024-25

Summary: The Ballard HS PTSA Needs Key Roles Filled NOW.

BHS PTSA Needs Key Roles Filled!

Ballard Parents/Guardians! We Need You!

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The Ballard High School PTSA is looking NOW for volunteers to continue helping to deliver great programs that benefit all Ballard High School students this school year and next year too!

Help Us Make a Difference For the School Year 2024-25

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For the upcoming 2024-25 school year, the Ballard HS PTSA has several volunteer positions available, either for committee members or for smaller, well-defined, and short-term volunteer opportunities.

Whatever your experience, chances are we have an opportunity for you to contribute. As part of the Ballard HS PTSA, you can make a difference by helping to cultivate an excellent educational environment for all Ballard High School students.

Help the Ballard HS PTSA to work with our great educators to ensure that teachers, families, and students have access to the resources, tools, and support they need for the best education possible. Note: Any of our board positions may be available as a co-chair position!

If interested in any of these positions or just want to learn more, email or anyone currently on the Ballard HS PTSA.


The PTSA Secretary takes and maintains monthly minutes at PTSA Board Meetings and seasonal General Meetings.This is a great way to stay in the know!

Building Leadership Team (BLT)

Attend monthly Building Leadership Team (BLT) meetings with the Principal, fellow at-large parent rep, and staff and report back at PTSA Board meetings.

Volunteer Coordinator Co-Chair

Join our wonderful returning co-chair to assist with staffing Ballard HS library volunteers, testing needs, PTSA community events, and more!

Fundraising Gala Chair

Build a team to celebrate Ballard HS at the biggest BASH of the year. The Spring Fundraising Event raises money for our PTSA mission, and we raise the paddle for an important need on campus. Party planners and fundraisers unite in this important and fun role!

Membership Coordinator

Reach out to community to share good word on the importance of BHS PTSA membership and what it means to the school. Come to at in-person events, send content to PTSA communication for promotion etc. Create posters, flyers, designated stand alone mailings. Track online membership sign up and assist as needed with process.

Newsletter Editor

The Newsletter Editors help to plan and coordinate the weekly PTSA newsletter, informing our community of everything going on at Ballard High School. View Newsletter archives. April 2024 Update: Candidates currently being interviewed. Co-sharing role works too!

Reflections Art Program Chair(s)

Shorter-term role, but awesome way to shine the light on Ballard’s creative students through participation in the annual PTA Reflections Art program. Reach out to the community to inform of submission rules, guidelines, deadline; upload entry photos and share with PTSA communications; then follow entries through judging process!

Social Media (Instagram) Chair(s)

Create graphics for PTSA news and updates on Canva (if interested) and repost and share Ballard HS community news of interest. Coordinate with Facebook social media chair to get the word out to Beaver households!

SPREE Senior Party Chair(s)

Plan with a volunteer team the all-night senior celebration, sponsored by the PTSA! Coordinate promotional messaging, sell tickets, find volunteers for check-in and chaperones, and have a great time celebrating the Class of 2025!

Staff Appreciation Chair(s)

Celebrate BHS staff once monthly through food, crafts, flowers, etc., use your creative way to say thank you! Coordinate online thanks too with newsletter team and social media chairs.

PTSA Designated Website

Help seasonally to update PTSA designated website (Currently on Member Planet moving to Givebacks). While news and updates are available throughout the year on the Ballard HS website and PTSA Newsletter, our separate PTSA website serves as general information welcome mat to our community. Note: We are also looking for an IT-savvy individual to help create/research domaines for our PTSA email address!

Let Us Know If You Are Interested

If interested in any of these positions or just want to learn more, email or anyone on the BHS PTSA. Please consider attending one of our board meetings to find out ways you can help.

Transition training offered for each role. Grab a friend, have fun and help support your students, positions can also be shared with another volunteer.

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