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Volunteers Needed in the BHS Library!

BHS Library Overview of room tables, projector

Parent volunteers are needed to help in the Ballard Library by signing up for regular weekly shifts during the school day. This is a great opportunity for parents who are able and interested to come 2 hours a week at the same time each week. Help our fantastic librarian Ms. Chambers with checking in books, book displays, re-shelving and other special projects!

Please note that SPS requires all volunteers to complete their volunteer approval process before you can volunteer.  Complete the forms needed on our Volunteer Paperwork page and email us if you have any questions at all at to Jen Wenrick and Joy Das Gupta volunteer.ballardhs@gmail.com Thank you!

March 24, 2023 @ Block41

Tables and chairs set for a party with plates and flowers.

Ballard Parents’ favourite fundraiser is back! Don’t miss the fun at Block 41 on March 24 from 5 to 9:30 p.m. This year’s Ballard High School Fundraising Gala will offer loads of great items for bidding, from restaurant gift cards to amazing trips away! 


We continue to add to our team as the season progresses.  Let us know if you would like to lend a hand, or your expertise by emailing ballardgala@gmail.com

First Day of School Volunteers Thank YOU!

Thank You Lunchroom Lin Dang and Hui Ling (Kay) Shen National School Lunch Week

BHS Parents/Guardians! Thank you so much for all that volunteered so quickly to make the First Week of School at BHS a success.

If you would like to be on and On Call list see below. Thank you!

Want To Be On Our On Call List?


If you would like to be on our list for when help is needed?

Have questions or need more information about Volunteering at BHS, please contact Jen Wenrick and Joy Das Gupta at volunteer.ballardhs@gmail.com

Open Roles Always Needed in the Library

Email Librarian TuesD Chambers at tschambers@seattleschools.org with any questions or other days and times that you might be available as well.

Ballard HS Library Service Learning Opportunities During the School Year

Students have earned Community Service Learning hours for:

  • Shelving books, processing books, week books, fixing shelves, help clean the library, make book displays
  • Computer maintenance
  • Reading to 2nd grade students for Reading Buddies
  • Creating online tutorials
  • Making scrolling PowerPoint
  • Makerspace craft, projects for lunchtime, organizing Makerspace
  • Create book posters on Adobespark
  • Create Rubik’s Cube murals
  • Read first chapters aloud for Youtube channel and Schoology theme Picture Books
  • Become a Library Leader
  • Create Book Collections

Reach out to Ms Chambers at tschambers@seattleschools.org for specific details. Visit the BHS Service Learning page for school information and forms.

Thank you BHS Families For Your Support!

In addition to becoming a Ballard HS PTSA Member, volunteering is a great way to support your student. Already a volunteer? Great! Thank you! Not a volunteer yet? Learn more about how to become a volunteer at our school.