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Students in AP courses might earn college credit and/or advanced placement in college if they perform well on AP Exams and if their college of choice accepts the AP exam for credit. AP exams, given each year in May, are standardized tests designed to measure how well students have mastered the content and skills of a specific AP course. AP testing is highly encouraged, but not required. 

College credit is not guaranteed but rather is determined by each individual college upon the student’s enrollment in that college. AP courses at Ballard HS prepare students for these exams and offer a rigorous subject study available. Visit the AP College Board website for more information about AP exams. Also refer to the SPS AP Exams Overview for additional information.

AP offerings may vary from year to year depending on student interest and staffing. Prerequisites for AP courses are outlined in the course descriptions in the Ballard HS Course Catalog.

AP Exams May 2025

Pre-registration and payment for the AP Exams at Ballard HS in May is typically done in November. More details for the 2024-25 School Year posted soon.

Please direct any questions to your AP Teacher or the Ballard AP Coordinator: Ms. Huguenin at

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How to View AP Exam Scores

Sign into your College Board Account

Make sure that you remember your login credentials by signing in to College Board before scores are released in July. This is the same account that you use to access My AP or other College Board resources. If you’ve changed your email address, update it in your account.

Don’t Create a New Account if you have one

Duplicate accounts can cause delays in getting your AP scores. Sign in with the same account you used to register and enroll in AP class sections.

Please direct any questions to your AP Teacher or the Ballard AP Coordinator: Ms. Huguenin at