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    What is MetroLeagueWA?

    The purpose of the MetroLeague organization is to maintain and conduct a program of amateur sports competition and to promote and preserve a wholesome atmosphere of good fair play among its participating and member schools.

    What Schools are a Member of the Metroleague ?

    Ballard High School is a member of the 3A Metro League. Sports packets are due at least two weeks before the season starts.

    What is the Official MetroLeague website?

    The Official MetroLeague WA website is On the website you will find the most accurate and up to date schedules, scores, and standings for the Metro League. You can also register and subscribe to important event change notifications for all of your favorite Metro league teams. All the information on the MetroLeague website is entered and maintained by league Athletic Directors and coaches, so you know it is up to date and accurate.

    Leave the BHS website and go to the MetroLeague website

    Instructions to Print or View Ballard Athletics Sports Schedules


    1. Visit the Metroleague website at
    2. Select the RED B at the top of the Metroleague Home Page. The Ballard Home page will display.
    3. To view or print ALL Sports select the "printer icon" (if not displayed select another day on the calendar that has an event and the printer icon will display). Select the printer icon. Print and view options will display.
    4. From the Print Option page select either Today or This Week.
    5. Select the “Preview” button.
    6. The Ballard High School Athletic Events for the current week will display. 


    1. Visit the Metroleague website at
    2. Hover over the RED B at the top of the Metroleague Home Page.
    3. Select a SPORT from the dropdown list.
    4. Select “Schedule” from the top red tool bar.
    5. The schedule for that Sport will display.