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    Welcome BHS Families!

    Did you know that your son or daughter can get health care at the Ballard High School Teen Health Center? Students, did you know that you can come to the Teen Health Center to receive confidential mental health therapy before, during, and after school? Please come by to get more information if you are interested.

    When is the clinic open, and how do I make an appointment? The clinic is open 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday during the school year.  The phone number is 206-781-6400. Students can also make an appointment by walking into the Teen Health Center.

    The Teen Health Center is located in the Commons next to the Security Office, and is operated by Swedish Medical Center, with funding support from the City of Seattle's Families and Education Levy.

    The School Nurse and the Ballard Teen Health Center (BTHC) thought we would clarify the roles of the school nurse and the BTHC.  There's always a bit of confusion about who is who and who does what.  In journalist fashion, here are some facts for you.

     School Nurse  Teen Health Center
    Who - School District employee, registered nurse. Assigned to building full time. Telephone 206-252-1007

    Who - On-site clinic run by Swedish Medical Center, staffed by patient care coordinator, nurse practitioner, and mental health counselor. 
    What - Provides physical and mental health care and education for all students, health care and educational support for students who have diagnoses that require health care plans, IEP's, 504s, administers medications at school, tracks immunizations, tirades illnesses and inures, emergency care. What - Provides free physical and mental health care for students signed up with the clinic. For non-confidential services such as physicals, immunizations, illness and injury visits, etc, parent permission is required, also helps with emergencies.
    When - All school year!  When - All school year!
    Where - In the Health Room just off the Commons next to Security Where - In the Health Room just off the Commons next to Security.
    How - In order to support our Ballard Beavers, this position is supported by the District and the Families and Education Levy.

    How - In order to support our Ballard Beavers, this position is supported by Swedish Medical Center and the Families and Education Levy.
    Why - Because it's always great to be a Beaver! Why - Because it's always great to be a Beaver!

    To get the necessary forms for authorizing medications at school and registration, please see the BTHC office or call 206-781-6400.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the costs for services? All services are FREE for Ballard High School students.

    What services are available, and who provides them?

    Medical Visits:
    Karen Boudour, ARNP: Karen has been working with teens and their families for nearly 20 years. She enjoys helping students learn to navigate the health care system so that they can remain healthy throughout their lives. She has a particular interest in behavioral health, providing medical care in coordination with the therapist. Karen provides all the services offered by primary care providers, and does so in a teen-friendly setting. Contact: or call: 206-781-6400.

    Services include the following:

    • Routine physicals
    • Sports physicals
    • Reproductive health care: Birth control, STD screenings, emergency contraception
    • Treatment for acute and chronic illnesses
    • Immunizations
    • Asthma care
    • Illness and injury care
    • Nutrition and exercise information

    Mental Health Counseling:
    Chelsea Clark, MSW, LICSW: Chelsea is a mental health counselor who provides free, confidential therapy to students. She is the advisor for the Students Lives Always Matter (SLAM) club which provides peer education around suicide prevention/awareness at BHS in addition to presentations at McClure and Eckstein Middle Schools. Chelsea is especially interested in teaching students about neurobiology and using mindfulness approaches to decrease stress and improve mood. Contact: or call: 206-781-6401.

    Ariel Alon, Counseling intern: Ariel is Chelsea’s mental health counseling intern. She provides confidential individual counseling for students and helps run Ballard’s MyWay health texting program. She is currently completing her masters in nutrition and clinical health psychology from Bastyr University. Ariel is excited to be working at Ballard High School this year, and loves supporting students as they find their balance in mental, emotional, and nutritional health. Contact: or call: 206-781-6402.

    • Mental health counseling
    • Support Groups
    • Access to community resources

    What information is confidential and doesn’t need to be shared with parents?

    • Sexually transmitted disease testing/treatment
    • Birth control services
    • Outpatient mental health treatment

    When is the clinic open, and how do I make an appointment?

    The clinic is open 8:00am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday during the school year. Phone: 206-781-6400 or email:  Students can also make an appointment by walking into the Teen Health Center.

    Forms to be completed and returned to BTHC - To be posted soon!

    • Ballard Teen Health Center Informational Flyer 
    • Consent For Health Care Services 
    • Teen Health Center - Health History 
    • BTHC 2017-18 FERPA Form  
    • Permission to Vaccinate Form 
    • School Vaccination Regulation Changes for 2017-18 

    A VIS or Vaccine Information Statement is a document, produced by CDC, that informs vaccine recipients - or their parents or legal representatives - about the benefits and risks of a vaccine they are receiving. Please find the appropriate VIS by visiting the CDC Website:

    PDF ADA Accessibility on all District & School Websites | Seattle Public Schools is committed to making all content located on District sponsored websites accessible for persons with disabilities. Please contact the Ballard Main Office at 206-252-1000 or email the BHS Webmaster if you need help with locating, downloading or accessing a PDF.