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    Welcome BHS Juniors!

    New! Juniors! Why not explore Naviance now?

    Naviance is a great resource for exploring college options. They have just added “Show Me How” which provides self-service instructional tours in Naviance designed to help students quickly understand college research features as they continue their college planning process while at home. “College Profiles and College Events” have new features including the ability to easily locate virtual events and quickly access links to virtual tours so students can continue their college research activities. Students can also sign up for College Visits directly on Naviance as well!

    You can access Naviance through the Student Portal (make sure you are logged in). View the SPS How Students Access Naviance when you are not at school for more log in tips. Visit the SPS Naviance: An Online College and Career Planning Tool for more information about Naviance. Visit the SPS Parent/Guardian Naviance Account information.

    Junior Year Career and College Planning Checklist


     Review your course schedule--take the most challenging and appropriate classes for your abilities.
     Stay involved in extracurricular activities—balance fun with academics.
     Continue developing your college list with the name of schools you might apply—complete the My Thoughts on College worksheet to help you.

     Use the following websites to help in your career and college search:


     Keep studying hard—junior year grades are really important for colleges to see.
     Take the PSAT (October) Attend the National College Fair (November)
     Attend presentations by college representatives visiting BHS (in Career and Counseling Center.)


     Keep your grades up--use any resources available to help you get the most out of your classes.
     Continue gathering information about potential colleges you might apply to senior year.


     Incorporate studying for the ACT or SAT in your daily work.
     Check grades and seek help for academic areas you may be struggling with now.


     Plan your classes for senior year—check in with your counselor.
     Review your PSAT results and determine if you might benefit from SAT prep.
     Keep studying for the ACT or SAT


     Make the end of the 1st semester a good one—keep studying/working!
     Plan your ACT or SAT test taking schedule for this Spring and the Fall of senior year.
     Start researching summer opportunities including internships, jobs, volunteer work, summer programs, etc.


     Take the SAT scheduled at Ballard High School.
     Register for any ACT, SAT or SAT Subject tests for this Spring and the Fall of senior year, if you have not already.
     Attend any Spring college fairs


     Check grades and keep working hard.
     Visit colleges during Spring Break or continue researching them online during your time off.
     Start a writing folder making your initial responses to essay prompts for college applications. Use the prompts from the Common Application, University of Washington or other colleges, if available on their websites.


     Prepare a resume, use the Activities Log worksheet to help
     Possible ACT, SAT or SAT Subject Tests to take
     Take the AP exams, if appropriate


     Finish out your classes on a positive note.
     Take any ACT, SAT or SAT Subject Tests you may have scheduled.
     Contact two teachers who know you well and ask if they would write a recommendation letter—make sure to give them a copy of your resume.


    Resources are posted as they become available. Visit the SPS Helping Students Prepare for High School Graduation and Become College/Career Ready page.

    Service Learning Information

    The Service Learning graduation requirement is 60-hours. For more information and current service learning opportunities please visit BHS Service Learning.