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    Junior Parents needed to Chaperone Senior Spree
    on June 18

    What is Spree, you might ask? Spree stands for Student/Parent Responsible Evening Event. Senior Spree has been a Ballard tradition for many years. It’s an all-night party (from 10 pm til 6 am), chaperoned by BHS parents and staff, that happens immediately following the graduation ceremony. Buses will take our graduates to two different venues where they will be fed delicious food and entertained with activities like bowling, games, henna artists and a hypnotist. The exact details are kept a secret from the kids to add to the excitemen.

    Can you help us to make this Spree the best ever? We call on YOU, Junior parents, in the Ballard tradition, to CHAPERONE.    SIGN UP HERE.   THANK YOU!

    You will see the event first hand, monitor the party, and facilitate the activities to keep kids safe and engaged. We cannot do this without you.

    Thank you!

    Party info at


    SPS Junior Checklist

    Stay focused – Continue to do well in your courses. Junior year grades are the most important grades and colleges strongly consider your performance this year. Get any extra help that you might need in your courses, continue to talk with your mentors and your counselors, and remember your goal of going to college.

    Select Senior schedule - Make sure that you continue to challenge yourself and take the necessary academic courses.  Senior year is the last chance you have to meet college entrance requirements, so triple check that you will meet them. Remember that college entrance requirements do not necessarily correspond with high school graduation requirements. 

    AP Tests - Register to take any AP tests that you are preparing for during the school year. Talk with your high school counselor if you want more information about what tests are available and how to prepare.

    Scholarships – Start learning how to apply for college scholarships. Visit,, and These sites will connect you with scholarships and help you pay for college. You can apply to scholarships any time in high school, but it is especially important during your junior and senior year.

    Helpful Handouts

    Service Learning Information

    The Service Learning graduation requirement is 60-hours. For more information and current service learning opportunities please visit BHS Service Learning.

    For current Event Date information please refer to the Ballard Website Calendar.