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    Services Provided at Ballard High School

    The Resources & Services provided at Ballard High School are listed below with a short description - Select a title to visit that topic for additional important detailed information.


    Attendance Secretary: Alice March |

    Please send an email or a written note to the Attendance Office with Attendance Information for Late Arrivals, Early Departures and Absences within 3 school days.

    Important! Absences cannot be excused by phone.

    For a list of Absence Forms and more info visit the Attendance page.

    Office Location: Upstairs Foyer  |  Phone: 206-252-1009  |  Office Hours: 7:15 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.

    Service Learning

    Grayce Mitchell is our Service Learning Coordinator. She is on campus two-three days per week. She meets with every ninth grader in health class to help them find options that suit their interests, and she also meets with upperclassmen throughout the year. She also maintains a Service Learning bulletin board outside the Counseling Office where she posts opportunities for Service Learning.

    Ballard Teen Health Center

    Did you know that your son or daughter can get health care at the Ballard High School Teen Health Center? Students, did you know that you can come to the Teen Health Center to receive confidential mental health therapy before, during, and after school? Please come by the Teen Health Center or call 206-781-6400 or visit the Teen Health Center webpage to get more information.

    The Teen Health Center is located in the Commons next to the Security Office, and is operated by Swedish Medical Center, with funding support from the City of Seattle's Families and Education Levy.

    Ballard School Nurse

    Annette Cologna, RN, is Ballard High School’s School Nurse. Her responsibility is to help BHS students get the appropriate treatment for their current health issues. She also assists students and staff regarding how a health condition can affect student learning. The School Nurse refers students to the Ballard Teen Health Center or outside providers as needed. Visit the School Nurse webpage for more information and to download forms.

    Counseling Center

    The Ballard High School counselors work with students to help them develop strategies for success in academics, in social skills, and in considering their post-high school plans and career options. Counselors encourage students to become aware of their individual strengths, to develop methods for dealing with difficulties, to set goals, and to make good choices.

    Students are assigned to counselors by the first letter of their last name. Counselors work with students to explain the credit system, help students select courses, monitor progress toward achieving graduation requirements, explore interests, and make plans for college application and career options. Counselors also help students deal with social and emotional issues. Visit the Counseling Center webpage for additional information.

    To make an appointment with your counselor, go to the Counseling Center and sign up for an available date and time in the notebook on Ms. Bristol’s desk.

    Student/Parent Info

    Visit the Student/Parent Info webpage for additional information on all Grades - Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior as well as a Parent and a Prospective Student webpage.

    Start of School Forms

    Seattle Public Schools has the required parent/guardian and student notification Start of School Forms available to view and download on-line each year.

    In addition, the Ballard HS First Day Packet/Start of School Packet with cover sheet and forms are sent home with students and updates need to be returned to Main Office.

    Getting Involved!

    Ballard High School has a strong sense of community and is well supported by an outstanding staff, the BHS PTSA, the Ballard Performing Arts Boosters, the Athletic Booster Club and the Ballard High School Foundation. Ballard High School boasts a number of unique and award winning programs including Athletics and Performing Arts programs, Biotechnology Academy, Finance and Maritime Academy, Project Lead the Way, Proyecto Saber and Digital Filmmaking Program. BHS ranks high in academic achievement, college admission, music and arts, athletics, community service and citizenship, by getting students, families and staff involved in the school and community.

    Consider Volunteer Opportunities for one of the many groups listed above that contribute to your students experience at Ballard High School. Every contribution is appreciated and volunteering is a great way to support your student and allow them to continue to have the great opportunities that having Volunteers like you provide.

    New!   Current Volunteer Needs!  Check it out!

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