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    Welcome to the Counseling Center  

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    About Us

    The Ballard Counselors work with students to help them develop strategies for success in academics, in social skills, and in considering their post-high school plans and career options. Counselors encourage students to become aware of their individual strengths, to develop methods for dealing with difficulties, to set goals, and to make good choices. 

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    Students are assigned to counselors by the first letter of their last name. Counselors work with students to explain the credit system, help students select courses, monitor progress toward achieving graduation requirements, explore interests, and make plans for college application and career options. Counselors also help students deal with social and emotional issues. 

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    Running Start

    Students interested in Running Start should visit the Running Start page and schedule an appointment to meet with their Counselor and get their forms signed before enrolling in the Running Start program.

    Rep Visits

    Ballard HS is happy to host non-profit colleges and universities on campus. Visits are administered via College Reps please schedule your college visit to our school using this program. Parking is available in the visitor lot at the front of school, on NW 65th street. Check in at the main office and you will be directed to the Counseling Center. Contact Carol Bristol at if you have any questions.

    JOB BOARD | After School or Weekend Job, Intern?

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    The BHS Counseling Center Job Board is located outside the Counseling Center.

    Disclaimer: Ballard High School only shares these postings and does not endorse any of these businesses.


    Contact Information

    Carol Bristol
    Counseling Secretary


    BHS Student Counselor
    Assignment Breakdown

    Sonja Petersen | Counselor
    Student List A - Ci
    206-252-1106 | Mon - Thurs

    Sarah Bowman | Counselor
    Student List Cj - Han

    Tom Kramer | Head Counselor
    Student List Hao - Mci 

    Gail Olson Laing | Counselor
    Student List Mcj - Sch

    Leti Bravo | Counselor
    Student List Sci - Z

    Katie Huguenin
    Counseling Dept. Tasks/Projects

    School Psychologists
    Nicole Garrie | Michelle Dorman
    206-252-1108 | 206-252-1187

    Mike Broom
    Testing Coordinator


    Lisa Coacher
    Academic Intervention Specialist


    Hailey Ortega Villarreal
    504/Academic Intervention Specialist

    Helen Maynard
    College/Career Specialist

    Lindsay Squires
    Service Learning


    Kim Nickerson


    BHS Teen Health Center

    Updated 5/13/2020