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    Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Ballard High School

    Every contribution is appreciated and volunteering is a great way to support your student and allow them to continue to have the great opportunities that having Volunteers like you provide.

    Please see the SPS updated Volunteer forms at the SPS Volunteer page and complete the Volunteer Check List (see below).

    The Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention Online Course is required only once. Complete the Online Training Course at: Online Course: Prevention and Response to Sexual MisconductPrint out the Completion Form at the end of the online course and return to the Ballard Main Office.

    Please note: If you are driving on a field trip or for sports you need to turn in a DMV drivers history report (refer to the instructions in volunteer packet) along with your volunteer paperwork.

    You may also pick up a Volunteer packet at the Ballard School Main Office.  Packets are good for 2 years but the 2nd year it is necessary to initial and fill out a cover sheet.  On-line Course needs only to be completed 1 time with a printed completion form in file.


    Current BHS Volunteer Needs 


    LINK TO: SPS Volunteer Information and Paperwork

    STEP 1:

    Complete the Volunteer Application Packet (4 Pages) Once a year. Applications are available below or you can pick up in the Main Office.


    Step 2: 

    View the Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention - online course 

    • If you already viewed the video in the past you do not need to view it again. Please make a note on page 4 in the Volunteer Application Packet (additional notes section) that you have already completed the video and your coordinator will confirm that your name is on the completed list.
    • If you have NOT viewed the video in the past then please click on the link above and watch the video; when prompted by the video enter your full name and select your school and then print or take a screenshot the certificate or note the date on page 4 so your coordinator knows you completed this step and can confirm your name is on the list.  


    STEP 3: 

    Turn in your application to the Ballard Main Office.  If you have any questions feel free to call the school at 206-252-1000.   Thank you for volunteering at BHS!

    Additional resource links are provided below and if you are planning to do an overnight or drive groups of students please continue to follow the instructions listed.

    The Volunteer Coordinator/Contact will ask to view your ID and run a background check. 

    • A background check is mandatory once each school year. We appreciate your patience with this process. 
    • Depending on the type of volunteer position you are applying for, or your residency history, you may be required to complete an online background check and pay a $31 vendor fee, or in rare cases more *. 
    • Background check processing may take up to three weeks, depending on your residency history, your name (more common names take longer to clear), and other factors. If the volunteer opportunity you are interested in has a specific deadline, please plan ahead. 

    Please note: While all volunteers must be screened through the background check, a criminal history does not automatically disqualify one from volunteering in the schools. 


    While you are waiting for approval please read the Volunteer Handbook for additional info and tips to consider while volunteering with SPS.


    Additionally, if you are applying to volunteer during a field trip, you will be instructed to also review relevant check lists and guidelines: