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    Volunteering at Ballard High School 

    We are always looking for volunteers at Ballard High School!

    PTSA VolunteersBallard High School has a strong sense of community and is well supported by an outstanding staff and a robust PTSA.

    The Ballard High School PTSA, is an educational enrichment and advocacy group that works to cultivate an excellent educational environment for all Ballard High Students.

    We do this through listening to our students, families and teachers to understand and advocate for their needs in order to provide the best education possible for our students.

    We also engage with our community through communication with the BHS PTSA Weekly Newsletter and in the past special editions of the Beaver Beat as well as fundraising activities like the BASH/School Auction and Direct Appeal to ensure that teachers, families and students have access to essential resources, tools and support. Get involved today with the BHS PTSA and view the Current Volunteer Needs page to see how you can help. In addition visit the PTSA Overview page for current board position opportunities too!

    Every contribution is appreciated and volunteering is a great way to support your student and allow them to continue to have the great opportunities that having Volunteers like you provide.

    Please contact the BHS PTSA Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Visser at with any questions at all.

    Please visit the SPS Getting Started as a School Volunteer and complete the online paperwork.


    Current BHS Volunteer Needs

    Thank you for volunteering at BHS!