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    All The Ways The PTSA Supports BHS!

    Senior Journal

    BHS Senior Class 2020 on the Football Field 2020To honor the Ballard High School Class of 2020 some seniors are putting together a Senior Journal!

    Seniors are being invited to submit pictures, art, and writing to remember their years at BHS, and we want all seniors to contribute.

    Parents and educators are invited to submit a note to the whole Class of 2020. Visit the BHS Class of 2022 website for more details.

    We’re putting the journal together over the summer and they’ll be ready for seniors to pick up when they come back to pick up their diploma.

    Thanks to the generous funding from the PTSA, the journals will be free for every senior.


    Congrats Seniors Sign In Front ot BHS

    Thank you to the BHS PTSA for the purchasing and ordering of the Senior Yard signs for every Ballard High School Senior.

    Thank you as well to BHS Senior Parent Della Chen for her coordination of this project and BHS Senior Parent Nancy Knoll who is the contact for additional questions. A grateful thank you to BHS Sophomore Parent Jeff Peffer of Juice Marketing for the sign design and for getting them printed so quickly! 

    And a BIG SHOUT OUT to all of the BHS Volunteers who helped out by offering their time and resources in the distribution of the signs to the doorstep of every Ballard HS Senior!

    Family And Community Engagement (FACE)

    The Family and Community Engagement (FACE) committee engages in a variety of activities to foster awareness of both the needs and resources in the Ballard High School community.

    One FACE initiative is to bring speakers to our school with topics relevant to our parents, such as understanding our students' coping with stress and anxiety, or helping them be prepared for college in general life skills.

    Parents at a General Meeting listening to speakerThe PTSA has hosted evenings on drug awareness and teenage suicide prevention in the past. 

    In February 2019 the PTSA FACE co-chairs selected and hosted speaker Jody McVittie, MD, CPDLT for the PTSA General Meeting on the topic Life After Graduation - Are Your Students Ready discussion.

    PTSA supporting students/staff in and out of building with Teacher Grants

    The BHS PTSA promotes and supports the social, emotional, and academic well-being of allStudents in front of a lighted board students . We raise funds to run programs that provide academic opportunities, teacher and staff support, and backing for student activities.

    Even before screen supplemental learning became the new norm due to the COVID-19 school closure, funds raised through the PTSA Direct Appeal Drive brought technological tools to the classroom.

    "I love having the SMART interactive board in my classroom!" noted Ballard math teacher Janine Logsdon during last winter's Direct Appeal campaign. "The best feature is the smart ink, which means that anything that I write on the board or the students write on the board can be saved and referenced again later. With this, I’m able to upload marked-up class lesson files to Schoology for student access.

    "I’m very grateful to the BHS PTSA for providing these resources for my classroom!" she added.

    The PTSA is now funding a supplemental round of grants to help teachers and staff better serve BHS students' needs while working from home. For instance, counselors are now printing transcripts and other materials for students from their home printers, so the PTSA is helping cover the cost of ink cartridges and printer paper for those staff members. The PTSA also recently purchased a large whiteboard for a teacher to use during online class instruction.

    PTSA Weekly Newsletter!

    PTSA logo icon



    The BHS PTSA Weekly News is a PTSA member volunteer run informational Newsletter that is emailed to subscribed families with important upcoming information for families and students as well as sports, clubs, performing arts, community news and more! View the Current PTSA Weekly Newsletter.

    To subscribe: Visit the PTSA Newsletter sign up page and complete the information.
     Or email: please include students grade & name. 

    Teacher & Staff Appreciation

    Food at a staff appreciation lunch

    The BHS PTSA helps to support the Teacher & StaffParent with Staff Appreciation Table Appreciation events with some funding as well as parents/guardians donations of lunch items and treats during the school year to show appreciation to the BHS staff.

    These events are much appreciated and welcomed by the Ballard HS Teachers & Staff!

    Thank you to everyone that helped to support these events!

    Also thank you to all of the Ballard Beaver families who were able to support the Staff with sending them emails during Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week May 4 - 8 during the School Closure! Thank you as well to Phyllis for her distribution of the lovely gift bags!

    Ballard Cares

    Ballard Cares Logo BHS School, PTSA, FoundationBallard Cares is a partnership between the Ballard High School Foundation, the Ballard High School PTSA and Ballard High School in support of BHS community members severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. The generosity of the Ballard HS community shines and BHS families are continuing to receive help through this partnership, and as a result of your generous donations. If your family is in need of assistance, please contact your student’s counselor or an administrator to let us know what we can do to help.

    Additional information is available on the Ballard Cares Information and Updates news post.