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    Welcome to the Ballard High School PTSA Overview


    Ballard HS PTSA logoBHS Parents we need youThe PTSA is actively seeking BHS parents who want to get involved.  Please visit the PTSA Board Member 2020-21 Opportunities for more details. Thank you! Email the Nominating Committee with any questions at all!

    PTSA Board Openings    What Does the PTSA Do?    BHS PTSA Awards

    Who We Are

    The Ballard High School PTSA promotes and supports the social, emotional, and academic well-being of all students. The work we do raises funds to run programs that provide academic opportunities, teacher and staff support, and backing for student activities.

    What We Do

    We provide financial and volunteer support for the students, parents, and staff of Ballard High School. We offer educational opportunities to parents several times per year, with education nights ranging from Suicide Awareness to raising and supporting healthy students. Check out some of the ways your BHS PTSA supports your school.

    Become A Member Of The Ballard HS PTSA 

    Anyone who supports Ballard High students, staff, and families is welcome to join the Ballard High PTSA and volunteer to support our endeavors. This includes everyone our name implies (Parents, Teachers, and Students), as well as alumni, grandparents, extended family members, community members, and more!

    Visit the PTSA Membership webpage to join today. 

    BHS PTSA Fundraising

    We raise money through fundraising events such as our annual Direct Appeal Campaign and BASH Dinner and Auction held in the spring. Simply becoming a member supports every student in the school. If you donated to the BHS PTSA, your donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Want to help us fundraise? Contact us at to learn more.

    Current School Year Ballard High School PTSA Board

    Executive Board

    President: Tom Eggert, | OPEN 2020-21
    Vice President: FILLED!
    Treasurer: Carolyn Stalter,
    Secretary: Michelle Renn,
    Volunteer Coordinator:
    Melissa Elliott,  | OPEN 2020-21
    Membership Chair: Nancy Knoll, | FILLED! 
    Legislative Liaison: Brian Duncan,
    Nominating Committee Chairs: Carolyn Stalter, and Michelle Renn,
    Principal: Keven Wynkoop,
    Building Leadership Team: Glory Frodesen,
    Family & Community Engagement (FACE) Co-Chair: Anne Siems, and Brenda Savage, | 1 OPEN!

    Standing Committees

    PTSA Newsletter/Communications Contact: Gloria Kruzner,
    Stand Alone News: Chuck Fuller,
    Social Media: Kimball Mullins,
    BHS School Website Editor: Diane Taylor,
    Grants Committee: FILLED
    Direct Appeal Fundraising Chair: Heather Bioren,
    SPREE (All-Night Grad Party) Co-Chairs: Stacy Sikora, and Amy Wick | OPEN 20-21
    Staff Appreciation:
    Phyllis Rosen,
    BASH/Auction Coordinators | FILLED!
    PTSA Website Management & Editor: Juan Sadder, | OPEN 2020-21

    PTSA Board Meetings

    PTSA Board meetings are held monthly and are open to all, although only board and committee members may actively vote.

    PTSA Board Meetings

    Zoom grid of PTSA Faces including Mr Wynkoop







    The PTSA meetings are held monthly and are also open to anyone within the community. Lately virtually!

    General Membership Meetings

    The BHS PTSA General Meetings are held quarterly and are also open to anyone within the community. Virtually! Email President: Tom Eggert, if you would like to join a meeting!

    We hope you’ll come to hear speakers on educational and parenting topics, staff presentations, and school-related discussions. Please check the BHS online calendar for upcoming dates and speakers.

    Connect With Us!

    Additional resources to stay connected to get information on important school dates, alerts, changes in schedules and other information are the school's PTSA social media sites.