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    Services Provided at Ballard High School

    The Resources & Services provided at Ballard High School are listed below with a short description - Select a title to visit that topic for additional important detailed information.


    Attendance Secretary: Alice March |

    We want to help while Students and their families adapt to Remote Learning. If a student is having difficulty with the adjustment or has any questions, please contact their Teacher or Counselor for help. Use the “Staff” at top of the website for contact information for BHS Counselors and Teachers.

    Parents/Guardians can report absences either by sending an email to the BHS Attendance Office at: or by calling the Main Office at (206) 252-1000. If you leave a voice mail message please be sure to include your student’s name, your name, reason for the absence, and the date of absence. Visit the BHS Attendance Procedures for more detailed Attendance information.

    Service Learning

    One of the graduation requirements for Seattle Public Schools is 60 hours of Service Learning. Service Learning is giving time, without pay, to a non-profit or government agency. The BHS Service Learning Coordinator Lindsay Squires at maintains a monthly Service Learning Opportunities Bulletin with service learning opportunities. Reminders: Students should only participate in an opportunity they feel is safe to them.

    Ballard Teen Health Center

    Did you know that your student can get health care at the Ballard High School Teen Health Center? Students, did you know that you can contact the Teen Health Center to receive confidential mental health therapy? Visit the Ballard Teen Health Center (BTHC) page to get more information.

    The Teen Health Center is physically located in the Commons, and is operated by Swedish Medical Center, with funding support from the City of Seattle's Families and Education Levy.

    Ballard School Nurse

    Laurie Tirtanadi, RN, is the Ballard High School’s School Nurse. Her responsibility is to help BHS students get the appropriate treatment for their current health issues. She also assists students and staff regarding how a health condition can affect student learning. The School Nurse refers students to the Ballard Teen Health Center or outside providers as needed. Visit the School Nurse webpage for more information and to download forms.

    Counseling Center

    The Ballard High School counselors work with students to help them develop strategies for success in academics, in social skills, and in considering their post-high school plans and career options. Counselors encourage students to become aware of their individual strengths, to develop methods for dealing with difficulties, to set goals, and to make good choices.

    Students are assigned to counselors by the first letter of their last name. Counselors work with students to explain the credit system, help students select courses, monitor progress toward achieving graduation requirements, explore interests, and make plans for college application and career options. Counselors also help students deal with social and emotional issues. Visit the Counseling Center webpage for additional information. 

    ORCA Card | Shuttle Bus Transportation

    Returning students attending Ballard HS received an ORCA Card during the Start of School Material Pick Up days. Visit the BHS Transportation page for more information.

    Grade Level Resources

    Visit the Grade Level Resources for additional information on all grade levels.

    SPS Start of School Forms | BHS Forms & Resources

    Visit the Forms page for Ballard HS forms as well as the Seattle Public Schools required parent/guardian and student notification Start of School Forms which are available to view and download.