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    Transportation Information 2020-21

    ORCA Card


    ORCA Cards | April 2021

    Students and Families Start Planning

    Students and families start planning now for your return to school on Metro. Refer to the King County Metro blog for helpful information.  Visit the SPS Metro Tips for students for additional helpful information.

    Students: Locate your ORCA card. If you did not pick up your ORCA card at the beginning of the school year, they will be available for pick up at school beginning on April 19. If you've lost your card, please see the below instructions for ordering a replacement card.

    Always wear a mask while riding and waiting at the bus stop. The mask should fit above your nose, below your chin, and snugly against your face.

    Allow extra time to reach school and when leaving school. Some bus trips might be too full to carry more riders because of required physical distancing. Metro is working to add bus service where possible.

    Your safety is our top priority. Metro requires masks, has passenger limits and physical distancing, disinfects daily, encourages contact-less payment, and has upgraded air filters on all buses. 

    Need a Replacement ORCA Card?

    If you need to request a replacement card during the school year, please e-mail and include the following information:

    • Student's name
    • Student's Seattle Public Schools ID#
    • A reason for the replacement: Lost/Stolen/Damaged

    Replacement fees still apply. $5.50 for the first replacement card, and $25.00 for any subsequent replacements. Transportation will confirm the fee owed when requesting replacements.

    The replacement fee owed will need to be paid via School Pay on the Source by a parent/guardian only. Students are not allowed to make payments. Proof of payment must be provided in order for a replacement ORCA card to be processed and prepared for delivery.

    Questions? Please contact Alice March, BHS Attendance Specialist, at or (206) 252-1009.

    Magnolia Shuttle Bus Information

    There is not a Magnolia Shuttle Bus available for the In-Person schedule beginning April 2021.


    ORCA Card Questions? Visit SPS ORCA Card Information page or call 206-252-0947. 

    Transportation Standards? Visit the SPS Transportation page for more details on transportation standards and contact information. Visit the SPS Transportation In-Person updates for additional links and information.

    Metro Bus Schedules? Please visit the King County Transportation, Schedules and Maps or contact Metro Customer Service at 206-553-3000.