ORCA Card & Shuttle Bus Info

Transportation Info 21-22


ORCA Card Distribution

ORCA Cards were handed out at freshman orientation and on the first day of school and the unclaimed ORCA cards have now been returned to the district. Please see the Attendance Secretary Ms. March on the 2nd floor for any questions or to help with lost cards. 

Conditions of Use formis required to receive their ORCA card.

If you have additional questions, please e-mail and visit the SPS Transportation for additional helpful information.

Magnolia Shuttle Bus Information

Shuttle Route 1007-T

SPS Summary: Beginning on Monday, October 18, Seattle Public Schools will be suspending approximately 142 bus routes including the morning Ballard HS Shuttle bus 1007.

Some Magnolia students take the #31 Metro bus in Magnolia to the D-Line south of the Magnolia Bridge on 15th Ave to school if this is an option to look into for your student.

If you have questions about shuttle service, please contact transportation by phone at 206-252-0900 or by e-mail to or visit the SPS Transportation Shuttle page for more information.

Metro Reminders

Always wear a mask while riding and waiting at the bus stop . The mask should fit above your nose, below your chin, and snugly against your face.

Allow extra time to reach school and when leaving school. Some bus trips might be too full to carry more riders because of required physical distancing. Metro is working to add bus service where possible.

Your safety is our top priority. Metro requires masks, has passenger limits and physical distancing, disinfects daily, encourages contact-less payment, and has upgraded air filters on all buses.