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    CLOSED | New Student Course Registration for 21-22 School Year

    Ballard Building with cherry trees

    The District continues to send new student assignments to high schools weekly. When we receive the notification from the District of a new student getting assigned to Ballard, we will reach out immediately to have them complete course registration.

    If you have any questions about course registration for the 2021-2022 school year at Ballard, please contact counselor, Katie Huguenin or leave a voicemail for our Counseling Secretary , Carol Bristol, at 206-252-1014.

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    Class 2022, 2023 & 2024 ONLY FOR REFERENCE

    STEP 1: Print Out & Complete the Graduation Requirements Checklist pdf icon

    Review your Grade History via your Student Source Account and check off all courses you have taken and passed.
    Use the following documents to help you complete your checklist:
    Graduation Requirements Checklist for Class of 2021 & Beyond pdf icon 
    Graduation Requirements for Class of 2021 & Beyond and Pathways pdf icon     | Translations available
    What Counts for What? What Courses Count for CTE, Art, or PE Credit pdf icon  | Translations available

    STEP 2: Complete Your Course Selection Planning Worksheet
    CLASS OF: 2022 pdf icon | 2023 pdf icon | 2024 pdf icon

    Use the following documents to help you complete your worksheet:
    Your completed Graduation Requirements Checklist 
    Course Offerings Quick Reference for Grades (10-12) pdf icon  | Translations available
    BHS Course Catalog External Link Icon

    STEP 3: Submit Course Selection Requests via Student Source Account

    Use the following documents to help you submit your course selections:
    Your completed Course Selection Planning Worksheet 
    Instructions To Submit Course Selections Online via the Source pdf icon  | Translations available

    REMINDER!  If you do not complete this CRITICAL STEP of submitting your course requests within your registration window, it could result in not getting the courses you wanted.

    Printed copies may be requested if families are unable to access remotely by emailing the Counseling Secretary, Carol Bristol at or calling the BHS Counseling Office at 206-252-1014.

    Updated 4/26/21

    Course Registration 2021-22 School Year

    Ballard Building with cherry trees

    Online Registration By Grade Level

    Grade 11 | Class of 2022 | Feb 9 - 22
    Mid-Winter Break | Feb 15-19
    Grade 10 | Class of 2023 | Feb 23-March 1
    Grade 9 | Class of 2024 | March 2 - 8

    For students new to SPS the district will be sending new student assignments in April. Once we receive notification from the district, we will reach out to newly assigned BHS students to complete registration.

    Registration Timeline

    Online Fall Registration for Returning Ballard HS Students begins February. Refer to grade level timeline. Online registration instructions will be outlined on this page.

    Online Fall Registration for Seattle Public School current 8th Graders will begin in April. Registration information and instructions will be outlined on this page as they become available.

    Online Fall Registration for students NEW to Seattle Public Schools current 8th - 11th grades will begin in April. Registration information and instructions will be outlined on this page as they become available. 

    Ballard HS Counseling Center Contact Information

    Carol Bristol
    Counseling Secretary


    BHS Student Counselor Assignment Breakdown

    Students are assigned to Counselors by the first letter of their last name.

    Sonja Petersen | Counselor
    Student List A - Ci
    206-252-1106 | Mon - Thurs

    Sarah Bowman | Counselor
    Student List Cj - Han

    Tom Kramer | Head Counselor
    Student List Hao - Mci 

    Gail Olson Laing | Counselor
    Student List Mcj - Sch

    Leti Bravo | Counselor
    Student List Sci - Z