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Running Start

Running Start Agreement

Running Start Participation Agreement Ballard High School

All students planning to enroll in Running Start classes (including those currently enrolled) must have a signed agreement on file before a BHS school counselor can sign a RS Enrollment Verification Form.

  1. Running Start (RS) students are subject to all rules, regulations and procedures governing college students for course requirements, content, registration, grading and appropriate behavior.
  2. Students are responsible for managing their class schedule between the college and Ballard High School. Community college courses may not conflict with a student’s Ballard High School schedule.
  3. RS is a year-long commitment. Students may not start or end RS mid-year.
  4. Students may enroll in RS for a maximum of 6 quarters (fall, winter spring) or until the end of their 12th grade year.
  5. Monitoring all RS deadlines is the responsibility of the student.
  6. All RS grades received will become a permanent part of the student’s high school and college transcripts.
  7. Students are responsible for dropping any Community college or Ballard class before the drop deadlines.
  8. RS students must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA each quarter or be placed on academic probation, which may lead to withdrawal from the RS program.
  9. RS students are subject to all Washington state and Seattle Public School District graduation requirements including state testing. Students and parents are responsible for monitoring progress towards meeting graduation requirements.
  10. RS students must complete any course taken at the college for the purpose of meeting a graduation requirement by the winter quarter of the senior year in order to be eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony.
  11. Students must schedule an appointment with their high school counselor quarterly to have their RS registration form signed.
  12. Students are responsible for checking with individual colleges/universities regarding the transfer policies for credits obtained through RS.
  13. RS athletes must meet WIAA eligibility requirements if participating in Ballard sports programs.
  14. The RS program funds a maximum of 15 credits of 100 level or higher college course credits per quarter (099 classes and below are not funded). All additional expenses including but not limited to books, parking, lab and registration fees, transportation, etc. are the responsibility of the student.

Student: I have read and agree to the Running Start Participation Agreement statements above.

Student name (print)
Student signature and Date

Parent/Guardian: I have read and agree to the Running Start Participation Agreement statements above.

Parent/Guardian name (print)
Parent/Guardian signature and Date