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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements for Class of 2021 & Beyond

High School and Beyond Plan

The State of Washington requires all students to create a High School and Beyond Plan. Seattle Public Schools expects students entering grade 8 to begin to develop a 5-year plan including 4 years of high school courses, resume or activity log, and post high school career and college goals. The plan should be updated over time as the student develops high school plans. School counselors, staff and parents help students develop their individual plans in the district approved tools.

Service Learning

Seattle Public Schools requires students to complete 60 hours of service learning before graduation. Speak to your Counselor to learn more about service learning and to help you create a plan.

WA State History

Most students who completed middle school in the state of Washington met the WA State History requirement in middle school. If you attended a private middle school or a middle school out of state, please contact your Ballard counselor about how to meet this grad requirement.

PE Competency Test

Students must earn credit for physical education (PE) courses unless excused per RCW 28A.230.050. Students may be excused from PE (but not Health). Students who are excused from PE, upon the completion and approval of a PE waiver submitted to their counselor/administrator at Ballard, must still “demonstrate competency/mastery in the knowledge portion of PE in a district-approved written assessment that is aligned to Physical Education K–12 learning standards.” (WAC 180-51-068). This exam is only administered to 2nd semester seniors who did not take and pass a PE class while a student at Ballard.

Required Credits

24 credits are required for graduation earned from the below list of approved courses. The credit requirements are minimums both in terms of total credits required for graduation and for credits in the various subject areas. SPS graduation requirements meet most college entrance requirements for WA State schools. Some colleges may require additional courses.

Required 24 Credits Graphical Chart English 4, Science 3, Math 3, SS 3, Health 2, Arts 1, CTE 1. Electives 4, PPR 3 

Graduation Pathway (Complete ANY of the pathways below to meet grad requirement)
(work with your BHS counselor to ensure you are completing the requirements correctly for whichever pathway you choose. Please note that Grad Pathway information is constantly evolving. You should always check with your counselor before pursuing any pathway other than state testing to ensure you are choosing correctly)

1.Career/Technical Field – CTE Course Sequence

  • Complete 2.0 credits or more that either include a dual credit course or lead to an industry recognized credential.
  • For a student who earns a minimum of 2 high school CTE credits in the same program area it may be used to meet the graduation pathway.
  • Local CTE Graduation Pathways designed by districts that include at least 2 high school CTE credits from differing program areas if the sequence is approved by the local school board, school board designee, or local advisory committee, and receive final approval by OSPI.

2.Military Career Interest = ASVAB Exam (AFQT Section)

  •   Score for Class of 2021 = 31
  • Check the State Board of Education website by September 1 annually (www.sbe.wa.gov/our-work/graduation-pathway-options/asvab)

3.Postsecondary Education = English Language Arts (ELA) and Math Courses & Exams
(Can use any combination of the ELA and math options listed in this section.)

  • ACT (ELA = 14; math = 16) or SAT (ELA = 410; math = 430)
  • Dual credit courses (1.0 credit total):
    oAP/IB/Cambridge: Earn a C+ in state-approved course (each term)
    oCTE Dual Credit (must earn high school credit)
    oCollege in the High School or Running Start courses (local approval)
  • Dual credit exams (for state-approved courses):
    oAP = 3+
    oCambridge = E or better
    oIB = 4+
  • State assessments:
    oSmarter Balanced: ELA = 2548; math = 2595
    oWA-AIM: ELA = 104; math = 103

    4.Transition courses (1.0 credit total)
  • Bridge to College courses have state-level approval
  • Local articulation agreements between districts and sponsoring colleges

Graduation Requirements for Class of 2021 & Beyond  

Graduation Requirements Checklist for class of 2021 and Beyond  

As of 02/19/21