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Course Offerings Class 2025

BHS Crest shieldBallard High School 2021-22
Course Offerings Quick Reference | Grade 9

Refer to the BHS Course Catalog for a complete list, full names, & course descriptions.


* Asterisk: application or teacher/counselor
AC ? Counts as Art OR CTE credit
CTE = Career & Technical Education
(H) ? Honors option available
Prerq: Prerequisite
Bold – New Course ?21-?22

Language Arts

Intro to Lit Comp 9A/9B
Intro to Lit Comp 9A/9B Honors

Social Studies

World History 1/2
World History 1/2 Honors


Algebra 1A/1B, Honors available
Algebra 1A/1B with Lab
Geometry A/B, Honors available
Algebra 2A/2B, Honors available
Pre-Calculus A/B
Pre-Calculus A/B Honors
Calculus A/B
AP Calculus AB A/B
AP Calculus BC A/B
Prob & Stats A/B
AP Statistics A/B


AP Environmental Science
AP Physics A/B
Biotech Bio 1/2
Chem B/C (prerq Bio, Geo recom?d, yr)
Oceanography (prerq Biology) Phys B/Chem B (prerq Bio, Phys A/Chem A)

World Language

French 1A/1B
French 2A/2B
French 103 3A/3B
French 4A/4B
AP French 5A/5B
Japanese 1A/1B
Japanese 2A/2B
Japanese 113 3A/3B
Japanese 4A/4B
AP Japanese 5A/5B
Spanish 1A/1B
Spanish 2A/2B
Spanish 103 3A/3B
Spanish 4A/4B
AP Spanish 5A/5B
AP Spanish Lit A/B (6)

Business & Marketing (CTE)

Accounting 1 (sem)
Marketing 1 (sem)
Marketing 2 (sem)
Entrepreneurship 1 (sem)
Sports Marketing (sem)
Computer Applications (sem)