Student COVID Testing Resources

Summary: Student COVID Testing details, consent form and resource links.

Testing Schedule, Consent Forms & Resources

Ballard High School offers rapid COVID testing on a the schedule listed below. Jani Lauvrak, our Health & Safety Support person will perform the testing. Students testing will need to bring a signed Parent Consent Form.

Please test only if you are symptomatic or were exposed to a COVID positive person at least 5 days prior.

COVID Testing Schedule

1st & 2nd Periods: Rapid Tests in the Commons

3rd & 4th Periods: PCR Tests in the Nurse’s Office (inside our Teen Health Center)

5th & 6th Periods: No testing available

Please download and bring completed Student COVID consent forms for testing.

Consent Forms

Please visit the King County Department of Health website for information on testing sites in the community.

SPS Resources

BHS Resources

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