Seniors of the Month February

Summary: Seniors of the Month!

Ballard HS Seniors of the Month!

Seniors for February 2023
Finn K. and Monse E-M.

Finn K.

Finn K.

Finn makes new friends everywhere he goes- from the halls of BHS to the fishermen at the Ballard Locks. Speaking of the locks, he made an awesome working model for an elementary school science fair. 

Whether it’s leading cheers in the Beaver Brigade, glaring through the net at the Buff Puff opposition, hitting the soccer pitch, or prepping yearbook layouts, Finn loves being part of the BHS community.  Go Beavers!

Monse E-M.

What ways are you involved in the Ballard community?

Monse E-M.

Monse is very involved in the Ballard community. She is the concertmaster of Ballard’s symphonic orchestra and plays regularly with chamber orchestra. She is also a part of Ballard’s slowpitch and fastpitch softball team for which she was named Metro League 1st all-league pitcher for slowpitch as well as Ballard Slowpitch Softball MVP award. She also plays on Ballard’s ultimate frisbee team and was briefly on the Ballard soccer team. As for clubs, Monse is the Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Advertisement, and Lead Poster Hanger for the Adoptee and Foster club. Outside of school, Monse co-created a string quartet during quarantine and is a member of the Girl Scouts. She was a member of the Cascade Youth Symphony Orchestra for 5 years and has played piano since 2nd grade. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family as well as her two cats Pookie and Payton.

What is your favorite part about Ballard? My favorite part of Ballard is the friendliness of the community. I like how no matter where you go, people will accept you. There are many times when I have just walked into a club or sport and they have been so nice. This is very representative of Ballard as a school and as a community.

Seniors for January 2023
Sadie C. and Lina M.

Sadie C.

Sadie C.
Sadie C.

My favorite part about Ballard is the number of opportunities every student must pursue what they’re excited about. It’s been truly foundational for me to be able to be involved in every extracurricular I have, and it’s always remarkable to see the things my peers are a part of. Putting on the fundraiser was a huge undertaking, especially when navigating complex district-wide bureaucracy; every step of the way, I had staff and students looking to help me, to help advertise, to help plan, and to support the club.

Ballard has empowered me and many other students to do big, powerful things, and it’s wonderful to see my friends and classmates making real change. I’m president of Ballard’s chapter of YMCA Earth Service Corps, a national organization for youth interested in environmental work. This year so far we have put on the documentary ELEMENTAL in efforts to fundraise for wildfire-based education and protection. I’m varsity captain of the Ballard Ultimate Frisbee team, during both mixed and women’s seasons, and I’ve worked to make it an inclusive team for anyone who wants to play (join Girls’ Ultimate in spring!).

I play flute and piccolo in Ballard’s Wind Ensemble, I’m a section leader for marching/pep bands, and I’ve competed regionally on my own and for Ballard. I’m also News Editor on Ballard’s Talisman which has been an amazing opportunity to meet more of Ballard’s amazing students and also share with the world all of the cool things we do here at Ballard. During the summer, I spend my time hiking as well as counseling for Girls Rock Math, a women-led organization designed to instill confidence in young girls who are excited about STEM.

Lina M.

Lina M.
Lina M.

The love for teaching that Ballard teachers have! They are what makes Ballard HS what it is, and we wouldn’t be here without them.

Things/Groups I am involved with outside of BHS
SPS Superintendent’s Advisory Board (advocated for menstrual products be provided by SPS, WA state legislatures wrote a bill to confirm this into law!); Seattle Student Union (co-led student walkout for gun reform, co-wrote an Op-Ed for the Seattle Times, struck with SPS teachers); violinist in the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra; Research for SPS (hosted focus groups to gauge back-to-school sentiment after COVID); Co-created a string quartet during quarantine.

Things/Groups I am involved with inside of BHS
Co-President of Feminist Club (wrote a $2500 grant proposal to provide BHS with menstrual products + machines), Co-President of Ballard MUN team; President of Adoptee & Foster Club; Concertmaster of the Ballard Chamber Orchestra; Ballard Track and Field Team.

Seniors for November & December 2022
Alex G., Eden M., Josie A., and Colin D.

Alex G.

Alex G
Alex G.

Alex splits his time between school, family, friends, football and hunting. He works hard to reach his goals and shares his love of the outdoors with his family and friends.

Alex’s willingness to learn new things allows him to always be ready for another adventure. 

He will be attending the Colorado School of Mines in 2023 to play football and work on a degree in Engineering.  

Eden M.

What ways are you involved in the Ballard community and outside of school? Going into Ballard as a freshman I joined as many clubs and organizations as I could, many of which I get to continue working with today in my senior year. My most impactful experience at Ballard has been with the Ballard girls’ soccer team. I’ve been involved with Ballard girls’ soccer all 4 years and now I have the opportunity to lead the team as one of the captains.

Eden M
Eden M.

Outside of sports, I lead two clubs at Ballard. The Ballard Outdoors Club, which leads weekly outdoor adventures with students, and Ballard global Youth Activism Club, a club that talks about and ideally aids local and global humanitarian issues. Additionally, I am a part of the Teen Health Center’s Vaccine Awareness leaders. 

What is your favorite part about Ballard? My favorite part about Ballard is the diversity of experience. In 8th grade I had the choice between going to Holy Names or Ballard. While Holy Names, an affluent private catholic school, would arguably better equip me with college prep resources, I decided to go to Ballard because there were people from all walks of life not just from one community. I like that in each one of my classes I might sit next to someone I’ve never spoken to before and that at club rush I can discover people’s interests and passions that are entirely different than mine.  You can’t find that same diversity of experience everywhere

Josie A.

Josie A.
Josie A.

Senior Josie A. recently finished her Ballard High School volleyball season on a high note when she was selected as the 2022 All Metro League Sound Division MVP. This recognition caps a successful volleyball experience at Ballard, which included four years on the varsity team, two years as a varsity team captain and a prior selection to All Metro League Sound Division 1st Team during her junior season.

When not in school, Josie can most often be found practicing at Sudden Impact Volleyball Club and hanging out with friends.

Colin D.

Colin D
Colin D.

Colin is a fun, kind, considerate and very social person, who is thoroughly enjoying his senior year at Ballard Highschool. He is passionate about being outside in nature skiing, mountain biking and playing soccer.

Colin has been in Ballard’s wind ensemble for 3 years funning and is a tutor and TA for Ballard’s Calculus program.

Colin’s hobbies outside of the school include soccer, where he has been in Ballard’s soccer program for 4 years ad on has been varsity for 3 years.

Colin is set on going to Western Washington for University and very excited about his future!

They were honored in December with the Ballard Rotary!

Seniors for the Month of October 2022
Tom F. & Bella N.

What ways are you involved in the out of Ballard community?

Tom F
Tom F.

Tom F. I am involved in the Ballard community through my participation at sporting events with the beaver brigade, the basketball team, link crew, and my role as photo editor for the school’s yearbook. Outside of the school I am very involved in the car community here in Seattle and additionally take photos of cars as a hobby/side job. I also volunteer at the Ballard foodbank as caring for our community is a big part of what my family believes in.

What is your favorite part about Ballard?

My favorite part about Ballard is the happiness that seeing everyone at school brings me everyday. I know it’s cheesy, but the people make it so dam fun to go to school every day?

What ways are you involved in the out of Ballard community

Bella N
Bella N.

Bella N. I am involved in the Ballard community through clubs and organizations at Ballard. Clubs have provided the perfect microcosms of passionate learners, and as a president of multiple here at our school, it has been amazing to watch these grow. Full of passionate debate, scientific inquiry, and political discourse, I have involved myself in the community by fostering such developments.

What is your favorite part about Ballard?

My favorite part about Ballard is the community of passionate learners that express their interest through joining clubs. Clubs wouldn’t be possible without the members in each and every one of them, and the amazing projects we get to do and discussions we get to have are some of the highlights of my week. Connecting to people with similar interests and different opinions has been one of my favorite parts about Ballard!

Ballard Rotary Helping Ballard Schools

Ballard Rotary is dedicated to the education of students in Ballard. Every year we support the Seattle School District’s Global Reading Challenge Program, providing books to participating Ballard elementary schools, and volunteer scorers and timekeepers for the competitions. We also honor two outstanding students at Ballard High School each month as part of our Students of the Month program.

We annually award several college scholarships to BHS graduates and to incoming students at Seattle Maritime Academy. Last year $12,000 was awarded to students focusing on vocational programs. Visit the Rotary Club of Ballard website for more information.

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