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    All The Ways The PTSA Supports BHS in 2020-21!

    PTSA efforts during the School Year 20-21 | General Meeting

    ● supporting the Ballard Cares fundraising effort, with the Ballard Foundation, for families severely affected by the COVID-19 virus,
    ● a City Council online elections race forum,
    ● Back to School Teacher Q&A event,
    ● Direct Appeal donations leading to helpful grants distributions to boost online teaching
    ● weekly newsletter support and a cool new PTSA Instagram Account,
    ● Bucky’s Home for the Holidays gift card distribution,
    ● a winter online wellness event featuring our awesome health care professionals and
    school counselor Sonja Petersen,
    ● seasonal teacher appreciation events,
    ● membership support efforts and more.
    ● Yearbooks for our Ballard Cares families.
    ● We co-hosted DEI speaker Erin Jones last Tuesday for a thought provoking discussion on
    Creating a Welcoming Environment in North Seattle Schools.
    ● A group of motivated senior parents have even coordinated a SPREE event and I hope you
    have seen the PTSA provided graduation yard signs around the community. 

    PTSA Volunteers | Making Senior Year Special for Class of 2021

    Thank You to all the PTSA Volunteers that. helped make this year special for our Seniors and families Class of 2021.
    Senior Celebration Committee and Yard Sign helpers! Sarah Kopf, Becky Godshall Moore, Shana Nielsen, Heather Madsen Cooper, Danielle Steele (and her 30 member SPREE volunteer team), and Erin Hermanson Pedersen! Yard sign organizer Marcie Guthrie and her delivery team of Shelley Rousseau, Chuck Fuller, Diane Taylor and Mary Conzatti. Thanks also to Cindy Peterson (BHS Office) for helping coordinate Yard Sign distribution for in-person students. Also can’t forget the Communications Team of Kimball Mullins and Chuck Fuller and our Awesome Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Visser 💞 Class of ‘21!

    BHS Auction | BASH | Postponed To Spring 2022

    BHS Auction postponedGreetings from your Auction Committee!

    It’s been quite a ride and our super enthusiastic auction team, along with our PTSA, made the very challenging decision to forego the auction for the 20-21 school year but look forward to Spring of 2022! 

    Want to join the auction team?

    Email info@bhsauction.comRead More.

    PTSA Winter General Meeting Recap | Feb 2021

    SPEAKERS | BHS Health Team and supporting student health.  The Ballard Teen Health Center (BTHC) is a partnership between Swedish and BHS, providing students with medical and mental health services virtually and at our school campus.

    At our Winter General Meeting, BTHC staff answered pre-selected parent questions and shared helpful resources for these challenging times. Contact PTSA President Gloria Kruzner if you have any questions or ideas for future speakers.

    Staff and Parents on Teams General meetingSpeakers: BTHC staff, Mental Health Counselor Chelsea Clark, MSW, LICSW and Karen Boudour, ARNP. The evening also included an introduction to new BHS School Nurse Laurie Tirtanadi, RN, MS, ARNP who shared thoughts on stress reduction for the community as a whole.

    One of the BHS School Counselors Sonja Petersen also shared her expertise and how the Counseling Center is often a student's first step to reaching out for help when they're needing assistance.

    General Meeting Recap & Video      Speaker Resources For Families

    PTSA Fall General Meeting Recap | Oct 2020

    BHS Teacher Panel on ZoomPANEL | Teacher Q & A highlights PTSA Fall General Meeting | Thank you to teachers Laura McGinty, Marie Lassley, Eileen Yardley, Gordon Macdougall, Robin Dowdy, Scott Gross, Anntara Lozen, Counselor Sonja Petersen and Principal/moderator Keven Wynkoop for fielding online learning questions on Teams!

    The staff members discussed the brave new world they and our students face through this altered educational landscape and how they as educators collaborate and use their creativity to support learning. Teachers spoke to asynchronous learning (great for small groups and catching up on school work ... but super busy for teachers!), the value of being able to see their students -- even if it's only via video during the building closure -- the virtual role of a BHS Counselor, and the importance of involvement through clubs and outside open-season sports.

    Thank you to the families who joined us and shared spirited comments via Teams chat, bringing up pertinent points for how online learning is going in their own homes; as well as thanking teachers for their efforts and fortitude. It felt like community even if only via screen.

    Helpful links related to discussion:

    Teacher & Staff Appreciation

    The BHS PTSA sponsors the Teacher & Staff Appreciation activities and events during the school year to thank our wonderful teachers & staff even during remote learning!  

    Thank You BHS Teachers & Staff!

    Thank you for the bottom of our heartsFeb 2021 | Thanks to our amazing BHS teachers and staff for an inspired 20-21 school year so far! Check out the PTSA Thank You Valentine on Feb 14 that was delivered via staff email, which was signed by numerous grateful BHS families. #AG2BB!

    PTSA Staff & Teacher Appreciation Card >

    Byen Bakeri logoOct 2020, due to remote learning, the PTSA mailed hand-written thank you notes and latte tokens donated from the Byen Bakeri. Thank you as well to the coordination and support from Volunteer Staff Appreciation Phyllis Rosen.

    PTSA Weekly Newsletter & Social Media!

    Image of a PTSA Newsletter

    The PTSA Communication Team: Gloria Kruzner, Kimball Mullins, Chuck Fuller and Diane Taylor help get information out in various ways to the BHS Community.

    The BHS PTSA Weekly Newsletter is a PTSA member volunteer run informational Newsletter that is emailed to subscribed families with important information for families and students as well, including sports, clubs, performing arts, community news and more! 
    View past PTSA Newsletters

     Subscribe via the online sign up form or please email (include students grade & name).

    PTSA Social Media | Follow on Friends of Ballard HS FB, Class of 2021 FB, PTSA Instagram and Twitter too!

    BHS PTSA Membership

    Jan 2021 | Join the BHS PTSA, become a partner in your student’s education.
    The PTSA is you, me and all of the parents/guardians, students and staff dedicated to the educational development and success of all students.

    The PTSA membership is open to anyone concerned about the education, health, and welfare of our youth and is a way to show your commitment to working with teachers and the school administration to build a better future for the next generation.

    • We help families stay informed and connected to the school community.
    • We plan school-wide celebrations, parent education and staff appreciation events.
    • We raise much needed grant money for academic, enrichment and extracurricular activities.
    • To Join visit our BHS PTSA Membership page.

    Warm Regards, PTSA Membership Chair, Lisa Vanderford-Anderson

    PTSA Volunteer Coordinator School Support

    In addition to becoming a BHS PTSA Member, volunteering is a great way to support your student, don't forget to sign up to be a BHSBHS Volunteer Linda Volunteer!

    We are always looking for volunteers and every contribution is appreciated whether at the beginning of the school year with First Day Packets or helping out with covering library books (BHS Volunteer Linda) or at our Curbside at the Library during remote learning we need and appreciate you!

    If you have any questions or need more info, contact Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Visser at who is discovering ways we can still help our community even when we are not in the building! 

    Teacher Support Grants

    BHS PTSA grants include helpful online tool Mentimeter Subscription | Thank you!

    Dec 2020 | Grants Chair Kelly Norton: To date, your PTSA has approved requests for more than $12,000 to support teacher and staff needs in this year's remote learning environment.

    In one case, we've partnered with BHS administrators to purchase a 50-user subscription for Mentimeter, an online tool that uses live polls, word clouds, quizzes, and Q&As to promote student engagement during class and provide real time feedback for teachers.

    Requested by many teachers in varied disciplines, the subscription is available to every academic department and is actively used in multiple classes.

    Teacher feedback has been positive; comments include:

    "Mentimeter allows me to make my classes engaging and interactive,
    and it is so easy to create presentations that I have way more time
    to spend with my students!"

    "It has allowed me to complete a quick anonymous temperature check
    to see if students understand a concept, if they feel comfortable
    about a topic, or even things like which application they
    prefer to use for an assignment."

    "I used it as a word cloud, feedback exit ticket to a group activity ...
    It is a great way to give a voice to everyone without having students see each other's answers. I like the anonymous part and the fact that it downloads results immediately. And students can see the results immediately.

    And in a nod to the realities of teaching to a screen full of initials rather than faces, since the majority of students do not turn on their cameras and do not participate in chat discussions, it has provided a way for me to receive student input."

    Your PTSA and Grants Committee and BHS PTSA Treasurer, Carolyn Stalter will continue to solicit applications and collaborations to enhance digital learning in all departments at BHS as the school year continues.

    THANK YOU to all teachers and staff for your herculean efforts! For more information, contact Kelly Norton on the Grants Committee, 

    Direct Appeal

    Sept/Oct 2020 | In the fall, historically the PTSA does a direct mail campaign for your dollars, The Direct Appeal, with which we really put a focus on “Money For Academics”.  We are ran a different kind of Direct Appeal for 20-21 during October. 

    Visit the Direct Appeal recap for more details. Update | Oct 2020! Thank you! Thanks for supporting Direct Appeal! with your help we raised more than $25,000 to support online academics! ~ Heather Bioren Direct Appeal Fundraising, BHS PTSA


    Sept 2020 | The BHS PTSA launched a first-ever early round of Grant funding. With distance learning environment requiring online subscriptions, printer, ink, etc., the committee welcomed a broader range of requests and encouraged ways to support and enhance digital learning needs on the educator side of the screen.

    The round closed with approving $6,200 among 17 requests. 

    ➢ Multiple grants for printers/scanners/ink/webcams/connectors - World Languages, Math, Counseling, Science, ELA, Music, and CTA/Maritime departments.

    ➢ Wide selection of LGBTQ+ titles for the new Pride Book Club - Library.

    ➢ Subscriptions to digital tools such as Mentimeter and Padlet - World Language and Social Studies departments (soon to be expanded by BHS campus wide license for 99 users; PTSA will help fund this year’s subscription).

    ➢ Grant for a guest instructor to prepare and deliver collaborative singing and performances for students - World Languages department.

    ➢ Copies of "Just Mercy" by Bryan Stevenson - core ELA, 12 classes.

    ➢ Science kits - AP Environmental Science students.

    Thank you for supporting your PTSA. We couldn't do it without you!

    2021-22 PTSA Virtual Meetings!

    Board Thursday, Sept. 9, 7 p.m.
    Board Thursday, Oct. 7, 5:30 p.m.
    General Membership Thursday, Oct. 7, 7 p.m
    Board Thursday, Nov. 4, 7 p.m.
    Board Thursday, Dec. 2, 7 p.m.
    Board Thursday, Jan. 6, 7 p.m.
    Board Thursday, Feb. 10, 5:30 p.m.
    General Membership Thursday, Feb. 10, 7 p.m.
    Board Thursday, March 3, 7 p.m.
    Board Thursday, April 7, 7 p.m.
    Board Thursday, May 5, 6 p.m.
    Board Thursday, June 9, 5:30 p.m.
    General Membership Thursday, June 9, 7 p.m.

    Spring Staff Appreciation 

    The PTSA shared appreciation for our staff at a Teacher & Staff Social on March 18 at RidgewoodTable of food, image of outside restuarant bottle and tap on Phinney Ridge (co-owned by BHS's Teacher of the Year Robyn Maddess).

    We are so thankful for our amazing teachers and glad they were able to meet safely for some fun and camaraderie. Though they were "spring showered" a bit outside in the elements, we hope they know we are thinking of them and can't wait to see them!

    Thanks to PTSA Appreciation Chair Phyllis Rosen for supplying St. Patty's Day-themed treats and a lovely spread for the occasion.

    Brian Duncan PTSA Legislative Liaison Testifies on HB 1396 | Feb 2021

    Given only one minute to testify, at 1:15:32,  WSPTA member (BHS Liaison) Brian Duncan asked House Education Committee members to carefully consider HB 1396, which would limit third-year required social studies to only an additional year of US history and/or civics, foreclosing other social studies options for that third year.

    The downside is narrowing options, thus excluding relevant and engaging options such as geography and specialized world history, newly developed ethnic studies, coming soon from SPS and OSPI." Update: The bill is dead this session as it did not make it out of the Education Committee. Thanks for your advocacy, Brian! Visit the Schedule, Agendas, and Documents for more info.

    Legislative Virtual Forum

    Liz and Sarah Legislative CandidatesOct 2020 | Thank you to the community members for joining the BHS PTSA and the Seattle Council PTSA virtual forum Oct. 12, featuring the 36th District Position 2 Candidates Liz Berry (D, left) and Sarah Reyneveld (D, right).

    For much of the hour-long forum, 36th District (Belltown, Queen Anne, Magnolia, Ballard/Fremont/Crown Hill/NW Seattle) State Representative candidates Sarah Reyneveld responded to educational justice-themed questions from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) youth from the NAACP-Youth Council of Greater Seattle. Among the group was 2020 BHS graduate Aneesa Roidad!

    Thank you to the candidates for joining us this busy election season, the SCPTSA for helping produce this informative evening; PTSA Legislative Liaison Brian Duncan for organizing the Forum and serving as moderator; and PTSA Secretary Michelle Renn for serving as timer.

    PTSA Building Leadership Team (BLT)

    Our PTSA BLT Representative Glory Frodesen works hard all year whether in the school building or remote with the other members of the Building Leadership Team in finding ways to help support the school. Current conversations have been around teachers concerns with how to connect with students during remote learning.

    In addition the district is in a financial crisis this year and the budget committee will be meeting in March to make critical decisions. 

    The Building Leadership Team (BLT) is composed of 2 parents, 6 teachers, one secretary, one instructional assistant, a representative from 609 (security, lunchroom and custodial company) and a few students representing the community. 

    Family And Community Engagement (FACE)

    The FACE committee with PTSA FACE chair, Brenda Savage coordinated and helped with outreach and speakers for the PTSA General Meetings.

    The FACE committee coordinates BHS’s Bucky’s Holiday Giving Program which assists our families who may not have the financial stability to enjoy the holiday season and works closely with the BHS Counselors.

    In addition, FACE volunteers continue to help facilitate and coordinate the Weekend Food For Kids program, sponsored by the Ballard Food Bank. This program helps ensure our families in need have sufficient food on weekends.

    Bucky's Home For the Holidays

    Dec 2020 | Thank you to those who helped donate to the PTSA Bucky's Holiday gift card drive. PTSA Family & Community Engagement (FACE) chair Brenda Savage was instrumental in helping make this years Bucky's a success.

    Bucky Gift Envelopes decorated

    Bucky’s Home for the Holidays is sponsored by the BHS PTSA and is intended to assist school families who may not have the financial stability to enjoy the holiday season as much as many Ballard HS families. The program this year was run in collaboration with the BHS Teen Health Center, the Ballard HS PTSA, and the Ballard Cares Partnership

    Ballard Cares differs from the PTSA Bucky's Home for the Holidays gift card drive in that Ballard Cares has and continues to provide funds for basic needs for BHS families severely affected by the COVID pandemic, since last spring's school closure.

    With the remote learning for the School Year 20-21, instead of families contributing gift cards through the Main Office, this year our PTSA FACE chair Brenda Savage collected gift card donations at the Library Curbside Pickup events. Donations were delivered to identified families in Dec in festive gift bags. All information about the families remains anonymous.  

    Ballard Cares | March & Fall 2020

    Ballard Cares Logo BHS School, PTSA, FoundationBallard Cares is a partnership between the Ballard HS Foundation, the Ballard HS PTSA and Ballard HS in support of BHS community members severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

    The generosity of the Ballard HS community shines and BHS families are continuing to receive help through this partnership, and as a result of your generous donations. If your family is in need of assistance, please contact your student’s counselor or an administrator to let us know what we can do to help.

    Additional information about the March/April 2020 support on the Ballard Cares Information and Updates news post.

    To learn more about the current outreach visit Nov Ballard Cares Principal mailing or the PTSA President mailing.

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